Space Invaders

The other day we went bush walking, after walking for hours I sat down and was looking at my boot and noticed something black and worm like defiantly moving toward my leg. Up it crawled bit by bit reminding me ever so distinctly of Venom. 

Since coming to Australia I've been very aware that the creatures in the garden are deadly, I mean we have adders in the UK but I've never seen one and there is no danger of one hanging out in your back garden. So before I handle anything I like to find out what is it (especially after a lizard climbed up my leg, I mistook it for a spider and slapped it - thus crushing and killing the poor thing, I adore lizard and felt super guilty) So I showed it to E who screamed... "Leech"!!! 

My only reply was shaking my leg and maybe "get it off" or was it "ahh ahhh ahhh" its hard to tell in such crisis situations. I like to think that if I'd been warned as to the presence of such creatures I would have worn a bio hazard suit. Luckily hiking boots are leech proof. It felt like that scene in Stand by me

I can handle spiders, I like reptiles but I HATE anything that wants my blood!

Of course as soon as our unwelcome guests had been spotted and all shoes and clothes had been checked for the invaders, E decided to take pictures of the damn things. I thought it must be a scientist/bloke thing, then I turned around and found another guy in the group fanatically scraping his shoes and jumping at the sight of twigs terrified the creatures were out to get him. I have to admit I felt smugly happy that I'd been so calm in comparison.


  1. Damn I couldnt stand the last spider man
    what a booohooo bunch of crap.
    Damn I must come round here more often.
    Im linking I remember

  2. If I ever go over there, I'm going in armour. Heavy armour. Maybe a tank too.

  3. that was no leach it was a baby venom.

    if it had touched your skin it would have gone in and over the next decade slowly taken over. slowly turning you evil.
    so slowly that not even your own good self would be able to tell what was happening to yourself.

    though the super powers might have made you ask a few questions.

  4. Lol
    The leech would have been severely disappointed because I don’t think your body would be willing to give away blood so willingly.

    See I knew about such creatures and the need for suitable clothing and checks when bush walking through reading tour books etc before I went last time. Should I mention you thought I was doing too much reading into the subject of what to watch out for. Well the think I have to admit is even after I had read all the stuff, I did not do much about it when I was in Oz and should feel lucky now that nothing happened.

  5. Ew. I definately wouldn't have handled that situation very well. Ew.

  6. you couldn't have just plucked it off then flicked it?

  7. I wanted to see the pic of the cute little creature but your pic was nothing more than a box with a red "x" in it. Perhaps blogger is warning us of its deadly potential.

  8. i feel i should point out that i merely said leech, not screamed!

  9. Luckily as far as creepy critters go..we only got ticks and maybe (like in the UK) some adders in the Netherlands.

    Nice blog :)

  10. This sounds scary and I admire you being so calm - I think I would go nuts and screamed and jumped.

    Wishing you a great week ahead :-)

  11. Hey I just noticed we are the same age : )

  12. Im not into bugs at all, whatever they are!
    Oooh Australia, eh?
    Helen x

  13. Still, I bet you are in love with the scenery eh:)

  14. Well done on being so calm. I'd have screamed my head off. And screamed, and screamed, and screamed. Probably until I passed out.

    I'll keep your stories in mind should I ever lose my senses and consider leaving good old Europe ;-)

  15. OMG - you are really calm and cool.
    The most deadly creature we do have here in Norway is: Wasp. Killing people each year. But only if allergic. I'm since the last ten years..

    By the way - I sincerly hope you are well down under..

    btw. I've been so busy lately , sometimes I do not even have time to talk to myself.

  16. ... not to speak about how really small and fragile we are....

  17. LOL

    Shame the poor leech...not a bad way to quence your thirst...Sheesh and they say vampires are bad

  18. awesome picture!! I think they could have made Venom's character better in the third spiderman. There wasn't enough Venom!!


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