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Taking a Break Be Back Spoon!


When Emu's Attack!

We went to a bird sanctuary the other day, all was well then disaster struck. Picture for me if you will the scene in Jurassic Park when the two kids are stalked by the blood thirsty Velosoraptor and you might come close to the events that unfolded.

There we, innocently taking pictures and enjoying the bright August day when we go through a gate and there he is - a 7 foot tall angry emu.

His feathers all ruffled and up in the air, a deep groaning noise coming from within and his dinosaur feet rapidly closing in on us. Now I'm sure E saw an emu, what I saw was the claws on the birds feet capable of disemboweling a human!

I don't know who was the first to break but we did the only sensible thing, we ran back through the gate and waited for more tasty victim to lure him away.

Of course we tried to take a few photos through the gate but it seemed to enrage him even more, we backed away slowly and made our way down to the perfectly cordial saltwater crocodile.
(Please note I did have a …

One Bird of Prey to another...

I went to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary the the other day and met a kindred spirit

yup that's me and a lovely barn owl :-)