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Hey All, So I've been in Oz for 3 weeks now, luckily Brisbane has been lovely and sunny this whole time, not a drop of rain. Which is great for me but not for the area cause its in the middle of a drought. London on the other hand is flooding - go figure - perhaps we should get them to post us some rain.

Anyway I've already started working on-line which has its ups and downs, great to be at home but sometimes you end up working over the hours your meant to do cos no one is around to tell you to stop. Still beats the office though!

For those of you who have left your native lands and moved abroad I ask this, is it me or is the supermarket the weirdest thing in another country. Lucky for me everything is in English here so no language problem but everything is in the wrong place and called the wrong thing. Thing you take for granted like cereal don't exist here and if they do they taste different. Other things you know you can't live without are no where to be seen and all these strange new things are there instead. It is freaking me out big time I mean life without rain I can handle but no Weetabix (and no matter what they say Weet bix is not the same) and no Always Ultra how is this possible!

Having said that 22 degrees C in winter - now that's something i can get behind :-)

So far my Ozzie adventures involved loads of sleeping to recover from Jet lag and trips to some brilliants markets (you can get practically anything from a market here) and being kept awake by the screaming possum. Oh and the lizard that crawled up my leg who was friendly but I mistook for a red back spider and accidentally crushed - yup I know I'm going to hell.

Oh well I'm raving I'll be back spoon with something coherent


  1. Ohh yea, moving to another country and in your case, another part of the world, put things in new perspective.

    I was in Ozzo in '96 in Dec/Jan and the strangest thing to me was to open champagne at the outdoor pool at midnight New Years Even and then have a swim. I called my parents in Norway that night and they had -20C!

    Btw: Quad bikes looks real fun:-)

  2. No 'Always' At least tell me they have something just as good.

    With the rain level at the moment, I just hope the British water system is collecting it properly.

  3. What a big step you took!! I, for one would miss the foods i left behind also. Hope things are going good otherwise...Good luck!

  4. i thought wheeties was the breakfast of champions. that weet-bix looks like granola bars thrown in milk.

    damn brits with their crazy cereals... :)

  5. Weet Bix! Where did the 'a' go????

    Oz is s more comfy place than Japan. You don't get drinks cslled Pocari Sweat there do you?

  6. And also this place has infected me wity typo-oid.

  7. Glad to see you again! Hugs!

    I haven't lived abroad but I have spent lots of time in the supermarkets of different countries. Yes, they are weird. The products are so different and sometimes there is a general design to the packaging of a certain country which is, for lack of a better word, GOOFY! :)

  8. Huh? No weetabix?? I so don't believe it pal, we have them on the shelves here.

    Glad you keep us updated and glad to see that you are doing well...take care.

  9. Nigel laughed at me the first time I went into a Tescos. I kept rushing around pointing at things and laughing because it was all so crazy. I completely understand.

  10. If you think that's scary, I've never heard of Weetabix or Weetbix...

  11. Huh, I work from home and often have the exact opposite problem. I tend to think 2 hours is plenty and I should probably go walk the dog or somethin.

    This Weetabix thing is a mystery to this American. I've seen it on other UK blogs before. Looks like a lot of fiber!

  12. Renny - the idea of a sunny xmas is wierd and yet appealing!

    k - nope the always equvilant isn't half as good :-( pleas ship me some!

    Danny - Exactly!! I think the flavour is in the "a"

    Dan - goofy is the work

    Shiogne - I'm coming to singapore asap

    Michelle - teco is always wierd but brilliant!

    Robert and Fat etc - how do you people live wihtout weetabix?

    lee - I think Ill tkae your approach to work!

  13. Oh I know what you mean, but I love the USA and would never think to live anywhere else-lots of visits are ok, but not too long away, though I especially like England.

  14. my word, same with me being in London, everything is diffrent even the coke taste diffrent and trying to explain to my bf if I want something thats actually something else can be a nightmare...hihihihi...
    anyways keep safe:)

  15. Indeed, the supermarket *is* the weirdest thing in another country. Even if I'm visiting somewhere new on holiday, I try to nose round one of the local supermarkets. I find them fascinating.

    I think I'd have to have Always shipped over for me, if I was ever to live that far from civilisation ;-)

  16. I miss the shopping in another country. I loved the markets in Spain vs. here in the US. Here is just seems... boring. :)

  17. You will manage without doubt. Cause you are you. Finding new habits keeps you young at heart.

    Wish you the best


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