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Le Vie en Rose

Hi All, Friday started at work, saying goodbye to colleagues and friends, it was raining which suited my mood before I knew it I was on the Eurostar speeding towards Paris.

I've been to Paris several times of the past 10 years or more and each time I discover something new. E had only ever been for a day trip once, so I was looking forward to showing him the highlights of the city. The fantastic Architecture that screams history, the coffee shops every three feet full of people just taking life easy and the yummy food (providing you have money).

Our Hotel was right on top of Concorde so we couldn't be more central if we tried, which meant we did a hell of a lot of walking and now I'm a tad footsore but it was well worth it. If you only get one day in Paris, take a tour around the city and see the usual sites, The Effiel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, Sacré Coeur etc but whatever you do make sure you go to Musee d'Orsay despite what the books tell you, this is the be…

Monday, Monday...lalalala

It is my last week at work! (Well before I go freelance for a little while that is). Even though I'll be giving up the office and technically still working for company I get scream "Free at last, Free at last!" on Friday. I'm also running off to Paris for a few days the second I get out of here, to really bring home the having time to do anything factor.

There are certain colleagues I'm really going to miss and wish I could pack into my suitcase with me, in fact I still miss my colleagues from the Bookshop (even though it was years ago!) but they were more friends then work people anyway. I only had that sort of relationship with 2 people in this job. I might be thrilled to leave but I think, a tiny bit of me is sad. I'm sure that will melt away really quickly though once I'm away from my desk and the morning lull dies away.

It is funny though, once you get what you want it hard to be entirely happy cos of all the things you forgot you liked...

Moving House

Every time I move house I wish I had led a minimalist life style.

Every bit of my body hurts, in fact I think my mind is in pain too which means I'm far too dead to write a proper post. Actually I'm too tired for work as well but they pay me to turn up.

"And the Truth Shall Set you Free"

This is one of my devils, I don't think you need to be truthful all the time. In fact some situations actually call for lying...

I've been thinking about this phrase and the idea of truth in general. We are taught from a young age to tell the truth and that doing so is a good and Nobel thing.

Then we grow up and realise that telling the truth all the time, is not the best course of action. For instance, telling your mum she looks awful in that dress, may be fine when you are 6 years old (if a bit cheeky), but at 25 it would just be mean.

This, I guess, is tact. Knowing when to tell the truth or not. Omitting particular details and waiting for the right moment before speaking.It is not something you can teach or learn you either have tact or you don't.

I really believe little white lies never hurt anyone. I mean what is so good about being truthful if someone gets hurt by it?

Equally I would argue that one must tell the truth when it comes to the big things in life, i.e don'…