We had another Bank Holiday in the UK, for me this means loads of running around but I did manage to fit in a visit to the new Planetarium in London over at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. A few of you might remember that I was very upset when then closed down the old one at Baker Street (to turn it into some celebrity worship dome ugk), I still think its a shame but the new one does have its charms.

As long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the stars, I learned all the constellations when I was a kid and often spend summer evenings in the garden straining my eyes to see them. The first time I really saw the heavens in all its glory was on a trip to Bangladesh at the age of 11. We were out in my dad's village, using only moonlight to illuminate the place (as they didn't have electricity yet) and the first night when the sun set I couldn't believe the sheer beauty of the night. More stars then I could imagine, so bright and wondrous that I've never forgotten the sight. I think I stared almost all night until sleep finally got me - my cousins didn't understand the fascination and began to believe that we didn't have stars in the UK!

When we came back my dad bought me a telescope, it wasn't good for much except looking at the moon but I loved it nonetheless and its still hiding in my room. The Planetarium to me is like walking in the stars - almost able to touch them.

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  1. I love the stars too!
    (Hey good luck with the move).

  2. Hi Shadow, I had the same fascination - still do. How old are the stars really?

  3. Oh, what a lovely, lovely childhood memory you shared. I love stargazing too, especially when I'm at the beach because they seem so much brighter and clearer. Your new planetarium sounds like a great place, though!

  4. I love the planetarium. I have a tiny telescope that I take out to look at the stars and the moon and sometimes planets, but I love going to the observatory which is pretty close to my home.

    Also, sometimes I use the telescope to spy on people.

  5. I knew a man who worked for NASA at one time here in the states. He took me to the observatory out at the Kennedy Space Center. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever had the opportunity to do. When I have the opportunity, I like to get as faw away from the city as possible to see them again.

  6. I too have always been fascinated with astronomy. Especially the legends behind the constellations. The planetarium in our town is pathetically small. I'd love to see yours if I could!

  7. I think the universe is 15.7 billion years old or something like that so thats how old stars are (I'll have to wiki it)

    and I maybe used my telescope to spy but people should really draw their curtains!

    I'm glad I'm not the only star gazer out there

  8. Yes I would recommend the Planetarium. For more information about it, you should check the website which is quite detailed.
    Note. I am not saying it is the most organised page ever though.
    Greenwich is also a nice area with green (pretty in the rain and summer), with markets that you could check out.

  9. I used to have a telescope, but i could only see anything through it in full daylight and all i ended up looking at was people getting fillings in the dentist across the road!!

  10. I've always wanted a really good telescope.. I still can't believe they closed down the plantetarium on Baker Street.

  11. The stars are amazing:)

    Hope your good chicky...I spent my bank holiday in manchester...hihihihhi....
    enjoy the weekend.

  12. Planetariums are great. We have one at the Technical museum in Oslo, Norway too and I go there often. Stars are even better live though!
    Wishing you a lovely end to your week and god luck with your move:-)

  13. What a beautiful photo- I want to walk in the stars!

  14. i can see your horse head

  15. I didn't even know the Planetarium on Baker Street was closed! I live not far from Greenwich, perhaps I'll visit one of these days.
    It's amazing how much more vivid the stars look when you're in the countryside, away from light pollution. Living in London, you tend to forget that.

  16. What a beautiful picture! Isn't that the Horsehead nebula? I was totally into Astronomy as a kid... I wish I had some time for it now.

  17. You are so sweet and yes I love the stars too :D

  18. I took a history course on the history of the was incredibly interesting.


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