The little things in life

'Rains drops on roses and whiskers on kittens'

It is small things that make me happy like seeing the first daffodils that tell you spring is here and the autumn leaves turning fire red or golden.

Today I moved into my new office, just me and M (my boss) and the best thing about it - a door! Finally I can talk to someone without feeling like 30 people are listening in. I know it silly but it still made me smile this morning.

I've notice that a few people do gratitude lists or things they learned (like Odat and Michael C) thanks for the inspirations guys. The great thing about them is they can really change your mood. Especially if you having a rubbish time, if you step back and try not a dwell on the negative (which I do all the time) then life can seem a tad less horrid and bit more hopeful.

So to anyone who is reading tell me what makes you happy...

(p.s I'll put some more Oz pics up in a few days and thanks for all your nice comments)


  1. things that make me happy: Guitars, food, music and of course you!

  2. I've learned to turned my positive and negative attitudes off & on like tap water. Comes with the territory when you work in a prison. And yes, let's see some more of those Oz pictures.

  3. When Elliot leans over and gives me little kisses on the cheek, for no reason at all, when N can make it home in time for dinner, the smell of baking, and going to the park on a sunny day.

  4. Congrats on your new job!! That's great!
    Little things that make me happy:
    Sunlight in my office, since I now have a window! Makes the world of difference!

  5. Right what makes me happy:
    A nice long hot shower
    Good food
    Hanging out with weirdly enough Shadowfalcon and E
    Not having to worry about money, family and work
    A good nights sleep
    Doing something different and fun
    Being a good Samaritan and feeling as if it had helped
    Being appreciated
    And so on and so forth

    What would make me really happy if it ever happens
    To hand in my resignation and see a certain persons reaction. (though I am not keen on the fact that I cannot walk out immediately and have to work an extra month)

  6. What makes me happy, music, love, writing....writing...writing...hihihi..
    have a good week babe:)

  7. hmm lots of think s make me happy out of thn one ws readin ur post well writtn 1 good blog

  8. A door is such a lovely thing to have...

  9. the one thing I would really like to do if I had a closed office is to play music on speakers, instead of on headphones.

  10. For me it truly is the little things that make me happy: anything from the giggle or the twins or an old song I haven't heard on the radio in a while. Oh yes, and lobster. Lobster makes me very, very happy ;-)

    Congrats on the new office!

  11. Things that make me happy . . . My husband. Children, grandchildren's smiles. Warm, sunny days. The smell of flowers. Sitting by the fireplace on a cold winter's night. Family dinners. I could go on and on. Just reading this post and having it remind me of the little pleasures this life has to offer is a blessing in itself.

  12. Glad to that you are happy Ms. Shadowfalcon :D

    Yes, great to not having an open-concept office ;)

  13. I love having a door in my office. It's my favorite thing about work. Congratulations on your door!!!

  14. My friends make me happy. My husband does too.
    Moving into an office with my boss would probably lead me to slash my wrists. Or resign. Or slash my wrists and then resign.
    I guess I should never move into the same office as my boss, but I'm glad it's working for you :-)


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