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'If Heaven's so wonderful, why are we all so afraid of dying young?' - Welcome the Night, The Ataris

I had an idea for a story recently that got me thinking about death and the afterlife etc it didn't help that I'd just watch the Fountain, then I was listening to the Ataris new album and my brain went into thinky overdrive...

Fear of death is apparently the motivation for about a million things we do. According to some psychology paper I read ages ago being afraid of the dark as a child is a subconscious fear of death, this manifests whether the child is aware of death or not. Some people retain this fear all of their life while most are more able to cope as they mature.

There is a school of thought that states that all living things are born with the knowledge of their own mortality and its why the survival instinct and reproduction instincts are so strong.

Think about it, practically every basic thing we do is for survival, to eat, nest and reproduce. It seems very f…


More Photo's from Oz dudes...

The little things in life

'Rains drops on roses and whiskers on kittens'

It is small things that make me happy like seeing the first daffodils that tell you spring is here and the autumn leaves turning fire red or golden.

Today I moved into my new office, just me and M (my boss) and the best thing about it - a door! Finally I can talk to someone without feeling like 30 people are listening in. I know it silly but it still made me smile this morning.

I've notice that a few people do gratitude lists or things they learned (like Odat and Michael C) thanks for the inspirations guys. The great thing about them is they can really change your mood. Especially if you having a rubbish time, if you step back and try not a dwell on the negative (which I do all the time) then life can seem a tad less horrid and bit more hopeful.

So to anyone who is reading tell me what makes you happy...

(p.s I'll put some more Oz pics up in a few days and thanks for all your nice comments)

Back from Oz

Greetings to the blogging world.

I'm back from my lovely two weeks in Australia (Brisbane and the Whitsunday Islands to be precise). I've spent the last two weeks doing all sorts including seeing the Glass House Mountains, hikking through dense rainforests (the very ones the movie FernGully was based on) and snorkelling at the Great Barrier reef.

I could write a million words to describe all I've been up to but I think in this case pictures are worth a 1000 words...

(and yes that's me feeding the Kangaroo at Australia Zoo, of Steve Irwin fame)