The countdown

I am rubbish at waiting for anything.

Patience is a virtue - loved by all, known by few.

I can be patient, really I can I just can not stand anticipation. I get edgy and have butterflies in my stomach, i start to think off all the things that can go wrong, it a downward spiral.
You see I'm going over to Australia in a few long drawn out days, to visit my mother in law. I'm counting down the seconds till we leave and I'm not thinking about the sheer volume of work I'll have when I come back. The problem is I hate waiting, I want to go now!

I've become more and more like this over the past few years, E has banned me from watching TV shows until we have the whole season because I get obsessive and need to know what is going to happen. I blame JJ Abrams for this - had it not been for Alias I might never have bothered with television again. Strangely enough I can survive the post office but with the cinema I have to see previews or go on the first day of release, with books i get them on preorder (Thank you Amazon!). Actually I think the Internet is to blame - having almost anything a few clicks away just fuels an addictive personality like mine.

So I ask how do I get rid of the anticipation?

(and why does the clock always stop 2 seconds from the end?)

Anyway Thanks for reading my post thus far and see you all when I return.


  1. I think you are right about the internet creating more of a 'now' generation. Just google it!

    Is meeting the mother-in-law like meeting a time bomb!


  2. Agree with you about the dragging, really cannot be bothered to turn up for work at the moment.

    How does one get rid of anticipation?

    I’m probably not the best person to ask. I think about it months in advance, though I have to emphasise the fact that I have improved a lot. I was suppose to go skydiving Saturday just gone but did not think about it until the night before when I had to pack for the trip and buy sports insurance.

  3. Graffiti - I actually really like my mother law and want to spend more time with her, its just she lives very very far away.

    - The time bomb is me...I think the anticipation is killing me

    K - I know what you mean I really want a time machine

  4. I don't really have that problem. There really isn't anything out there (tv, print, music, etc) that I can't wait to see.

    I don't really enjoy going to the movies anymore because it is expensive, the movies are mediocre, and i have a decent enough home theater system that I generally enjoy it better at my house. TV and music is pretty mediocre these days too.

    But I do get annoyed when I order something on the internet, and it doesn't arrive within 5 business days.

  5. Just try to stay in the present...that works for me...
    Have a great and safe trip!!!

  6. Instant gratification has blown up because of the Internet, I think.

    Great post, Shadowfalcon. You've given me pause. Sadly, I have no suggestions on how you can treat your anticipation woes.

    Have a great time in Oz!

  7. Great post - yes: modern culture is to blame. I also think TV has a lot to answer for - with a book (and I know you are extremely bookish) you can control the read, but with TV - no. I'd throw the TV in the bin tomorrow if my better half wouldn't get upset.

    These days leading up to the trip are precious - you have your bloke who you'll miss when you are away, and now's the time to make firm decisons about how to best use your time there.

    Still, in saying that - I have been in that place you are now in. Many times...

    Have a lovely trip Shadow Falcon!

  8. Hey! I have to work today but either tonight or tomorrow I am going to write a new post. I miss everyone!!!!! take care!

  9. Have fun in Australia! I'm jealous.

  10. Oh Wow! Going visiting how nice :D Enjoy yourself and tell us more...have fun!

  11. I totally understand what you mean. I even have to watch the previews for the upcoming show right after the end of the current show even though they'll be showing the previews all week long. Anyway, have a great time in Australia!

  12. I'm a bit jealous, every time I stop by you're going somewhere. As for patience, I learned that from the lifers.

  13. everything these days in this society is about instant gratification. Don't feel bad, you are not alone......

  14. I Tivo everything, so I generally have 3 or 4 shows piled up waiting to watch them. That actually works well for me because I get so many questions answered all at once. But I'm so bad a keeping up I may need to just start renting the DVD's once the season is over. It's just too hard to watch everything between 2 kids and blogging.

  15. Anticipation of something good can be fun...but anticipation of something bad, a.k.a. DREAD, is the worst. I absolutely hate that horrible desire to never have to dal with something and wanting to just get it over with at the same time. A girl could just explode!

    Have a great trip!!

  16. You are fascinating.
    A short text. Then some questions. All your readers at least have to think about. Even some dare to comment.
    Where do you have it from?

    btw. Sorry to have been away for a while. It's work...;)

    Did you read about Tasmania on our Cybercruise?

  17. Answer to your request:

    You're most welcome aboard to have fun with us :-)

    Do you mean "sign up" as a temporarily cruiser - or do you mean as a regular cruiser = A-Swab Team to later become an A-Team Cruiser?

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  18. I was too impatient to read the rest of this post after the first few lines. But I'm sure it was wonderful. :)

  19. Patience, you either got it, or you don't. I wouldn't worry about it though, it's just part of what makes you . . . well, you.

  20. Why do time bombs have timers on them at all? Why would the bomber want the cops to know how much time is left?

  21. Enjoy it Shadow.....I also cant wait for stuff...maybe its something they putt in girly shampoo that makes us so edgy when it comes to waiting....whahahah:)

  22. Patience & anticipation are way overrated. I'm all for instant gratification myself - it's one of the reasons why I love the internet so much ;-)
    Have a fantastic time in Australia & look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Tins xx

  23. Hope you are well fit when back again. We are off to our summerhouse, then I go to Cote d'Azur...

  24. To get rid of anticipations: Swollow two dozens of real butterflies. I do not think you ever will get butterflies in your stomack again.

    Have a wonderful and safe trip.


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