My head hurts

I'm home, tucked under a blanket and typing this one handed. You've guessed it, I'm sick. I've got tonsillitis (thanks to one of the kids) and came home from Ireland early. I like children I really do but I tend to forget that they carry plague. I don't think I've been this ill since I was a child and I don't have my mum to fuss over me. E does and excellent job but he's got a touch of cold too so its not fair to abuse him.

Yesterday at 5am I stumbled in the dark with the intention of going to work, the door handle and my shaky balance defeated me before I made it to the bathroom. When I made it to the bathroom I almost scremed, not it wasn't a gross zombie in the mirror it was me, yes I look and feel like the living dead. I think I'll wait for strength to return to me legs, hopefully around the same time I get my hearing, sense of smell, taste buds, appetite and the ability to breath. I have deadlines, I really should be at work.

I'm a little drugged up so forgive me if I fail to make sense at any point. I'm having a hard time figuring out when I'm awake or asleep, though it seems like I'm not on Voyager at the moment so its a safe bet I'm awake.

As if this work couldn't get any worse, my dad had a minor car accident yesterday, some guy drove into the side of his car, he's OK, but not to happy.

Worst of all, Jay died.

Jay was our pet Gerbil, he hung in there after we lost Silent Bob. He kept his funny personality and stole many raisins and I know he was getting ill towards the end but I'll miss him.


  1. Hi, I come to you from Dan.
    We posted comments at the same time.
    I am sorry about your pet. Our pets are like family. I am also sorry abt the tonsillitis. It sounds like you had to cut short a vacation. And that totally blows!
    Anyway, the next time I pass thru I hope to find you in better spirits.

  2. Im so sorry about Jay.... Hope your tonsilitis gets better. =)

  3. I babysat a friend's childrens' gerbil while they were on vacation. It died. I'm still not over it. They were out of the country and unreachable so I didn't know what to do with the little thing, thinking they may want a service or something. So I put him in the freezer for the week. We called him Gerbilpop. We said hi every time we got some ice. They had a lovely backyard service when they got back.

    Hope that story made you smile instead of thinking I'm an insensitive slob.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. aaahhhhh...I am sorry Shadow!

    I really hope you feel better very very very soon.
    And do not worry about work, you are of no use there if you feel so crappy.

  5. Same sweetie I hope you get well soon and I am sorry your trip was cut short

  6. Not much good news for a trip to Ireland you seemed excited about. I hope you got to enjoy some of your time and I hope you get to feeling better soon. I forgot to stop by the house and feed Jay, hope that didn't add to his dimis.

  7. Hope you feel better, and I'm sorry you had to end your trip early.

  8. Hope you feel better soon and sorry to hear about your dad's accident and Jay.
    BTW did you have any of that apple pie in Ireland?

  9. An abended journey to Ireland, a father in a car accident, a sad farwell to Jay and a young lady with the cold.
    What novel can be written out of these keywords?
    Sad days on the british islands? Nope.
    Onward - it's going to be great? Nope.
    Insight in a bloggers life? Closer.
    The woman that catched the World. Why not?

    Hope you recover soon.
    We got the same on the other side of the North Sea. Be patient. Connect to the job and deadlines will be held (I did yesterday).


  10. You can borrow my guinea pig.

  11. Welcome back, poor jay and poor you. Hope you are more like your regular self soon.

  12. Hope you get better real soon and sorry to hear about your pet gerbal. I remember getting sick all the time when the kids were younger and still in school. They'd bring the germs home and I'd always catch it. Now the grandkids come over sick and I only catch their germy illnesses about half the time.

  13. Kids are germs big city, not sure why they like kids very much but supplements help. Get well soon and sorry about Jay.

  14. Wow - it's a bad month for pets. I lost my cat just over a week ago. And I'm sick too. Let's be miserable together.


  15. Sorry to hear about all this bad news. And you have to go back to work to boot. Take care of yourself, and if I may--why not get some pet rats. I have two of them in a cage in my living room. They make great pets.

  16. Hi

    I really sorry am to hear this you guys, hope you'll both make a speedy recovery. Glad your dad is ok, will miss Jay.

  17. R U feeling a bit better today?:)....

  18. thanks for all the well wishes. Went back to the doc and have been told I'll probably need another week to recover.

    I feel like me head is about to explode...hope your all well


  19. Wow, tonsilitis sucks! And I'm sorry to hear about Jay :(

  20. Oh, I had my tonsils out because of too much tonsilitis. Try and keep them in though, they are part of the nercous systems defence...

    RIP Little Jay...

  21. Double awwwwww....sorry you're not feeling well and so sorry about your pet.....Hang in there.

  22. Awww you named your gerbils Jay and Silent Bob! How cool. Sorry that they passed away! I hope you feel better soon. Yeah, kids do carry a number of illnesses. It's better that you curl up under a warm blanket and stay home from work! Get well soon!!!

  23. Sorry to hear about your tonsilitis - I got that from time to time too. Real bummer. And sorry to hear about your gerbil too, and your Dad's accident. My Mum said things often come in threes, I guess she's right.
    I have a cold at the mo aas well, and last night around 3am, half asleep, I started taking my curtains down for whatever reason... I woke up this morning and saw one curtain on the floor.

  24. i love the fact that you called your gerbils jay and silent bob :)

    when i had rats i called them pinky and the brain :)

  25. Yup still dying....the infection has moved to my

    Jay and Silent Bob were great and in a way they both took after thier names sakes. we should of known this could happen when we named our rats Darla and Dursilla. Darla was definatly in charge and Dru was insane but we loved them none the less. I think no pets for a while, its too sad when they are gone.

  26. Oh sweetheart, sorry to hear about this and hope you are getting by now.

    Sorry to hear about Jay....we were sad too when our pet passed on :(

  27. Gah, I hope you feel better soon! Then maybe you can travel again to make up for the one that got cut short.

    And I'm sorry about Jay. *hug*

  28. Shadowfalcon, I'm so sorry to hear that things have sucked a bit for you and yours lately. I'm so glad your dad is fine. But poor Jay. I know how you feel my friend. Hang in there. A big hug and kiss to you. I hope you feel 100% soon!

  29. Oh I'm sorry! I hope your week will get better soon! Shame that you had to cut short your holiday.


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