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Gone are the days of records, tapes and even CDs and though those day were great I can't help but love digital music era. I recently upgraded my mp3 player. Thus I can now fit the whole of our iTunes folder on one device with room for more. Of course I have enough music to last me a life time but both E and I have the same problem - we have each others music. This means I sometimes hit random and end up listening to Cap'n'Jazz, who I hate and E has to scroll through loads and loads of "la la la music" (aka Joni Mitchell).

E and I have very different opinions on music. To me lyrics are vital, it takes a lot to presaude me to like a song with bad or mediocre lyrics. Then again I can be swayed to like a rather poorly composed song if the lyrics are really good. E on the other hand, thinks the melody is the most important part and the vocalist is just another instrument so its not what they say but how they say it. Thus we don't agree most of the time. Even with bands or musicians we both like chances are we'll preffer totally different albums or songs to each other.

Oh well at least we aren't teenagers anymore when your whole life is almost judged by the type of music you listen to.

In the spirit of my music musings and the fact I was tagged a millions years ago by Michelle, lets play a game...those of you who read Natalie's blog know the rules already but here we go, please guess the Artist and Song title, answers on a postcard or you can just comment...

1. You've been down too long in the midnight sea oh what's becoming of me
Ride the tiger you can see his stripes but you know he's clean

2. Sometimes it rains inside my head
and all the words run dry

3. Rows and floes of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons evrywhere
Ive looked at clouds that way

4. Hey, don't write yourself off yet
It's only in your head
You feel left out or looked down on

5. Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do
It's the wrong kind of place
To be thinking of you


  1. Well you sort of gave it away with your comment above about Joni Mitchell, but number 3 is Both Sides Now by her.

  2. 1. DIO - holy Diver
    2 Cure - Burn
    3 Some la la la thing or other
    4 JEW - Middle
    5 Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

    Easy, and i didn't even resort to google!

  3. Michelle - well done your totally right!

    *Falcon shakes her head*

    E - now what is everyone else going to do?

    btw you got 2 wrong...

  4. I know number two but it isn't coming through....

    I'm like E - does he like the attack of certain phrases, and hooks that stand out of the rest of the song? Using voice as an instrument a la (Sugarcubes) Bjork, Damo Suzuki (Can) and many others.

    But you can't beat well-crafted lyrics - love Dylan and Ray Davies for this. But their best work came out before I was born. What lyricists make the grade today?

    I like Nick Cave myself...

  5. danny - Personally I have a thing for Tom Waits. but there are few truly great lyristist around anymore and no new ones in the past 3 years I can think of...

  6. its funny how I can always sing the stuff but never know what it is called, my bad.

  7. It's great that your taste is music is different from E's--makes discussions more interesting. :-)

    I absolutely cannot guess any of the songs. Jeez.

  8. None of those ring any bells whatsoever in my head, assuming there are still bells left in my head that is ...

    Glad you're feeling better!

  9. I'm a Cowboy Junkies fan myself not only because of their sound but the lyrics as well. I'm not willing to let go of my music cd's. The music industry needs to rethink their controversial DRM. Digital music should be able to play on "ALL MP3 player" and not a select few. Shame on them.

  10. Ah digital music. I sat yesterday listening to a digital version of "Between The Buttons" an early Stones recording, and here's what occurred to me:

    I used to buy albums. I'd sit for hours enjoying the artwork, reading the lyrics, and listening to twelve songs over and over. Some songs, after all require repeated listening to appreciate them. But in an era of digital music, where there are some hundred songs or so on an mp3 cd that I stick into my car's player, it's too easy to pass over something because it is unfamiliar.

    You can get intimate with an artist when listening to twelve or thirteen songs. But when those songs are scattered through a field of over a hundred? I think digital music is a blessing and at the same time a curse.

  11. I only got 1 wrong. The joni mitchell is la la la!

  12. I totally flunk out at this. Even if I somehow could sing along to any of these tunes, I wouldn't know the words if I saw them. Glad you're feeling better.

  13. "To me lyrics are vital, it takes a lot to presaude me to like a song with bad or mediocre lyrics."

    Couldn't agree more.

    This is why the grammy winning Outkast can lick my nuts. ;)


  14. Digital music is great. How did we ever live before we could actually make our own CDs or music mixes to listen to??

  15. Etain - I think I'm always singing something in the back of my mind

    Lizza - it is good cos occasionally I find something I like I never would have picked

    Dr - the bells the bells - you don't live in Paris do you?

    Jr- Cowboy junkies? I like the name!

    Stewart - I know exactly what you mean, I love listening to whole albums. Thats the advantage of having my new player cos it fits so much I can listen to whole discographies!

    lee - You didn't flunk, have a muffin for effort :-)

    steve - He won a Grammy? oh dear...well it could be worse but not by much...

    micheal - Mixed tapes! that how we coped and in a way a mixed tape was a real labour of love...

  16. I only knew Both Sides Now. Tony and I have the exact same thing with music. I love lyrics and he loves composition. He refused to have my music on his iPod so he did the manually manage thing. I had all his music (most of which I like though) but finally decided to manually manage mine as well. It cleaned stuff up on my iPod a LOT. Now when I hit shuffle I never get Anthrax (in his defense he doesn't really like anthrax either).

  17. No idea at all.
    I listen to music. If the lyrics are great, but the voice horrible: read the lyrics. And play the melody.
    I like most kinds of music, except rap and therealike. But best of all I like silence and the sound of nature.


  18. I couldn't tell you the lyrics, but I'm much like Tor, except worse. I drive Pooks insane with my music, because I have to have it on constantly - I guess to the point where my life needs a soundtrack. ;)

  19. Its gonna take too long to google the answers in an attempt to look smart

    I love digital music. I stil play my dads old LP but at the end of the day nothing beats MP3'S

  20. I love the MP3 revolution as well! I can put, on one MP3 player, every album I have ever owned or listened to in my entire life. And then some.

    Incidentally, with the digital revolution also came Google -- which anyone can use to answer your quiz! :)

  21. I love my MP3 player! It's great. I take it to the gym, my brother's house, even to my fitness class. I usually play dumb and get my boyfriend to put a bunch of cool songs on it for me when I don't feel like fiddling with it!

  22. The cool thing about sharing music is that when somebody notices that I've downloaded something rather embarrassing, like the Cardigans or Wham!, I can always say, "Oh, that must be Kim's."

  23. u are feeling well already, right? good. i prefer melody to lyrics. even the lyrics r very good but if the melody doesnt get my attention ...

  24. I love my iPod! Not just for music, but movies and postcasts too.

    I haven't got a clue what any of these song are!! Clearly our tastes differ. Good job we're not sharing an mp3 player, eh?

  25. I meant podcasts. Duh!
    I knew I shouldn't have had that second glass of Verdicchio... Hic!

  26. Aaah music. You can't beat it. I love my iPod.


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