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Musical Accent?

Last week I wrote about digital music, then it occurred to me there is a far more interesting topic where music is concerned.

Do you find that people tend to lose their regional accents when they sing? (I mean when they sing in English cause I can only speak two other languages but I wouldn't be able to identify accents). I've often listen to a band or singer and been surprised to find out they weren't a native English speaker. I've been just as surprised to hear different singers speak in a strong, American, English, Irish (etc) accent but when they sing there is no trace of it. If fact it seems almost an effort to sing with a very recognisable accent. For example there is a singer I adore call Rosie Thomas, who has an almost comical high pitched (but endearing) voice but when she sings its an almost shocking transformation you'd never guess she was the same person.

I've also read that singing therapy has help people who stutter to over come their speech impedim…

The Music Game

Gone are the days of records, tapes and even CDs and though those day were great I can't help but love digital music era. I recently upgraded my mp3 player. Thus I can now fit the whole of our iTunes folder on one device with room for more. Of course I have enough music to last me a life time but both E and I have the same problem - we have each others music. This means I sometimes hit random and end up listening to Cap'n'Jazz, who I hate and E has to scroll through loads and loads of "la la la music" (aka Joni Mitchell).

E and I have very different opinions on music. To me lyrics are vital, it takes a lot to presaude me to like a song with bad or mediocre lyrics. Then again I can be swayed to like a rather poorly composed song if the lyrics are really good. E on the other hand, thinks the melody is the most important part and the vocalist is just another instrument so its not what they say but how they say it. Thus we don't agree most of the time. Even with b…

Back in the saddle again

I'm feeling much better so I'll be back in the office tomorrow. After over 8 days of feeling like road kill its nice to finally be able to breath again, go the fridge and feel like eating and reach the top cupboard without a wave of dizziness. Its amazing how something as simple as a cold can actually make you take a new look at life. Don't worry I haven't turned into a happy bouncy bunny rabbit (not yet) but I did find myself thinking things that were very un-falcon like.

For one I missed the office, I find it hard to live without structure and even harder to stay still. Almost collapsing every time you get up is a sure fire way to drive someone like me absolutely nuts. So there I was finally way from my evil desk, wishing I could go back! In ways this is so very very wrong.

Those who know me will be amazed that I didn't hoover my flat for a week (the idea of all that dust has been playing on my mind) but I survived.

And the third most unusual thought was - Why isn&#…

My head hurts

I'm home, tucked under a blanket and typing this one handed. You've guessed it, I'm sick. I've got tonsillitis (thanks to one of the kids) and came home from Ireland early. I like children I really do but I tend to forget that they carry plague. I don't think I've been this ill since I was a child and I don't have my mum to fuss over me. E does and excellent job but he's got a touch of cold too so its not fair to abuse him.

Yesterday at 5am I stumbled in the dark with the intention of going to work, the door handle and my shaky balance defeated me before I made it to the bathroom. When I made it to the bathroom I almost scremed, not it wasn't a gross zombie in the mirror it was me, yes I look and feel like the living dead. I think I'll wait for strength to return to me legs, hopefully around the same time I get my hearing, sense of smell, taste buds, appetite and the ability to breath. I have deadlines, I really should be at work.

I'm a little…