The clock is ticking down, I'm about to be moved from my desk.

To normal people this doesn't mean anything, to me it is like someone tearing out my kidney and showing it to me. I'm a little neurotic about my desk and my stuff. I'm married which means I have to share my home, I accept that E is not as tidy as me, nor is he bothered by mess (how he's managed this is a mystery to me). So I take out all my neatness at work. My desk and the area around it are super clean and everything has its correct place. E tells me he loves the fact that he can leave his desk at work in a mess and I won't come along and tidy it up. I guess we all cope in different ways.

It takes me ages to settle in to a new house, flat, workspace etc and I really can't function until I'm comfortable. You see I get edgy when people I don't like or know touch things on my desk or worse MOVE things on my desk. Its like when people look at my books (which I don't mind in principle) and then instead of returning it to the bookcase, discard it on a sofa, floor, kitchen....OK I'm going to hyperventilate just thinking about it. A little vein in my brain starts throbbing and I want to find the culprit and scream at them. Of course I refrain from this behaviour and just grind my teeth. One day I'll have no teeth and then beware.

When I move am going to be in the middle of an open plan office all Exposed. I can tell you now, I'm already freaking out. What makes it all even more unbearable is Touchy Touherson will be sitting behind me.

This person likes to read over your shoulder, even though its none their business and randomly pick things up off your desk, for NO REASON. This is usually followed by some banal comment. They are my worst nightmare, other people have monsters and phobias I have Touchy Touchersons. The voice in my head starts screaming WHY WHY WHY!!!

Why does she keep touching TomCat (my teddy bear), why does she keep commenting on my lunch, why does she keep talking! How can they expect me to sit next to her and not kill myself.

Moving desks and dealing with annoying people might be a part of life but it doesn't mean I have to like it. If they lock me away, please point out that they drove me to it?

***News of the Day***

As it turns out the Urinal thief has turned himself in, claiming he wanted a "souvenir". Thanks to K for the update.

- Is this a Sci-fi movie? frozen Warriors found

- Not sure what country you in? These people don't know either

- Stalkers upgrade to email


  1. I'm sure you'll do fine. Eventually. Just breathe...

  2. Hey, at least you don't have five or six convicts standing around your desk trying to steal you blind. Good luck with the adjustment period.

  3. Sorry about having to move desks, I feel for you. the empty desks around me seems to have filled up today too, making me feel as if someone is reading over shoulder.

  4. Oh dear...take a deep breath. Okay now, take another. Okay,



    I think if you do that every time the creep tries to read over your shoulder, he'll get the message.

    Oooh! Or maybe a hammerslap or two!

  5. Leave notes hidden on your desk to this "touchy" person saying "DON'T TOUCH MY EFFING STUFF"! Or get a small book shelf to put on your desk so no one can see
    Good luck, I'm sure it sucks but I suppose you have no choice, so make the best of it.

  6. See, other people say that my desk is messy, but little do they know that everything has a spot. It wasn't thrown there on purpose people! I don't need to work on my organization skills, dammit! Maybe it's time to start locking my door... I'm tired of people moving my shit too!

  7. Sorry to hear this but hope you'll get over it sooner than expected.

    don't let this bother your weekend pal!

  8. My husband is a neat freak too. People at his work think it's funny to crumple up paper and throw it on his desk just to see how long it takes for him to throw it away.

    I guess office pests are universal.

  9. I hope you never see my desk. I haven't actually seen it in months. When I was in an office, I was so neat. At home, I am repulsive.

  10. What makes it all even more unbearable is Touchy Touherson will be sitting behind me.

    Get yourself a small mirror and keep it on your desk pointing towards Touchy. I work with someone who does that and he swears it keeps his nosy officemate from looking over his shoulder when he is present.

    Good luck!

  11. Wow...this is a big step...

    You'll be okay kiddo...just hang in there...

    Everything will be alright...




  12. I don't like it either when people I'm not close to are touchy-feely and/or nosy.

    I hope you find a way to let that Touchy person in your office know how much you dislike having your privacy invaded.

  13. Hmmm...let's can we lessen this anxiety? I was going to suggest going to work naked, but that's just too obvious. If they are going to put you in an open area, then wait until a Friday and come to work wearing a white kimono and put a plastic petrol can by the waste basket.

    I don't know, I'm struggling for good ideas. Throw me a bone here.

  14. Open offices and habits around it, much the same as people nowadays speak loadly in their Cellphones everywhere. Not one thought about who's listening. No shame, whatever they chat about.

    But to consider oneself to have the right to puzzle on other persons desk: That's way over the line.

    Start moving this rascall's thing around his desk, and explain you think his desk is a mess.
    After a while you sure will sit behind THAT person. LoL.

    I don't like to sit in open office because of the noise, not only voices and phones, but also all the movements. Hard to concentrate. But bottom line, sure looks fine in the beginning.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings about it.

  15. I'm the same way ... I've lived in my new house for over 2 years and it still doesn't feel like home. Maybe another 2 years and I'll be all set.

  16. It's so funny I came across your blog. I know exactly how you feel about keeping your desk just right. Sometimes the cleaning people move my stuff to dust my desk on the weekends and forget to put things back the way they were. It drives me nuts on Monday mornings! You are not alone.

  17. Thank you all for not locking me away and throwing away the key.

    I have plans for Touchy (cue Evil Laugh) HA HA Ha!!!


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