The Queen and I

You know what I hate, Siblings who treat you like rubbish and expect you to help them with every single stupid mess they and their stupid husbands conjure up.

My parents have flown away for a few weeks; this means my sister (who we shall call the Queen) is stuck in the country with me as her only support.

The Queen and I have the same relationship I think most people do with siblings they don't get along with. I try and sometimes she tries but at the end of the day we just get on each other's nerves. Because of this I find it hard to spend long amounts of time with her, though as we've grown up, I've become better at dealing with her. Until she got married…

Now I've tired with my brother in law, I really have but there is nothing there. The guy is idiot. In fact I really can't stand him. It would take days to type all the stupid things he does to wind me up so just take my word for it and he treats my sister like crap.

Now I know I should all take the idyllic "everyone one is special in their own way" road but I've reached the end of my rope and it really isn't true, some people are just a total waste of good atoms.

She's called me practically everyday since my folks left (for favours or advice), these usually end in an argument. I'm about to explode. I love my sister, I really do but she is driving me insane.

I'm making a vow that whenever my parents leave the country, I'm leaving to.


  1. I have to admit your brother in law does make life 'interesting!'


  2. I'm sorry for you! I know what you mean though. My best friends husband is retarded... seriously what is wrong with him. Sometimes I just see the way he treats her and the way he doesn't give a crap about anything and just think, what does she see in him?

  3. I was a lonely only child, but as I see my friends try to deal with their siblings and their siblings spouses and children, I start to think I'm the lucky one!

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  4. I used to hate my brother's I know the feeling!

  5. I know the feeling - leave the answerphone on as default! A simple tip for when relatives get too annoying with their calls...

  6. I will admit that I often screen calls and that can be a good thing. I guess we all just deal witht he family we have and love them the best we can. Sometimes that means not talking to them so that more fights don't start.

  7. i never got along with my sisters when we were kids but being grown ups now, it's different. The bond is stronger and we communicate a lot. When I look back, i couldnt find a reason why i hated them so much maybe just siblings rivalry.

    maybe you find other ways to deal with her. start with killing your brother in law first ..he.he.. no i didnt mean that :)

  8. Oops! So sorry to hear this and I know of sibling rivalry at a young age but didnt know that this has escalated way too far for you to tolerate.

    Hang in there and yup, good idea to leave the country too when folks are not in.

  9. Caller ID is your best friend.

  10. Maybe you can get your parents to spring for your trip, too ;-)

  11. I feel bad for you. Just keep repeating to yourself, It's only a couple of weeks, It's only a couple of weeks. I'm sure you'll make it through

  12. You should explain to her that she could ask for advice from her hubby. Trust me, guys dig that stuff.


  13. Trust me its not sibling rivalry, I hate having to act like a parent to my older sister. What bugs me the most is she's just as smart as me but pretends she is stupid. To make this makes no sense. I don't mind being there for her but half the time the dramas are made by herself.


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