Its Monday. I can't say that I'm a fan.

I woke up this morning at 2am, then 3:35 then 4:29 once again at 5:05 and finally at 6:40am for work. It turns out that my brain hates me (yes Steve just like yours hates you).

I had one of those nights filled with short nightmares, yes I know I thought I was too old for them as well. Anyone who has ever had one of these night will understand. You are horrifically tired but can't sleep, as soon as you do you have a horrid nightmare and wake up. Your glad it wasn't real even though you were semi aware of the fact you were dreaming and eventually nod off again to wake up sweating and twice as tired.

Dreams are apparently the subconscious mind trying to process stuff so what on earth happened to make my mind freak out so much?

I had a pretty nice weekend, all relaxed and stuff so what made my brain go, yes now we will deal with the bad stuff!

I mean I was aware the ants crawling all over me weren't real and I know I don't have a fear of bugs (though I'm convinced Cockroaches are not of this earth), This was followed by someone being killed by vampires and me ignoring it cos I wanted to go to a concert, where the Vamps turned on me so what the hell was that about? I don't remember the others but I was pretty freaked out.

I'm sure Freud would have some bizarre explanations but personally I just want some decent sleep.

So I ask you all, whats the weirdest dream you remember having?


  1. This dream happens quite often when I was a kid, and randomly every few years nowadays. I am tied down to a conveyor belt moving towards a big roller like the ones you use for flattening dough and then I wake up before I get there.

    As for my other ones, they are for me to know and when ever I feel like sharing with another in private

  2. I know what you're talking about, I've had those nights, too. I've had lots of weird dreams, one of which was something like sleep paralysis (I think that's what it's called). There was a sensation of something heavy on my chest and I couldn't move; I tried to call out for help but nothing seemed to come out. I've been told that I make a bone-chilling wailing sound when I have these dreams. Jeez.

  3. I'll sometimes have those episodic type dreams that move from scene to scene in an unedited fashion. One minute I'm killing a cow in India to the disdain of the locals. Next minute, I'm cooking hamburger on my backyard grill. No packaging the meat and putting it in a cooler. No flight back to the states. Just hopscotching from one place to another.

  4. Oh I once had a dream I was out west and there was a guy sitting on his front porch with a shotgun pointed at me...I had to run ..but first I had to jump over a puddle of water..but it was filled with pirannha...geeze..I have no idea where that came from....
    Hope you get some rest tonight...

  5. My nightmare doesn't start until I wake up and realize I'm still in Afghanistan. Sleeping is when it all goes away. hehe

  6. I know I have nightmates before and good thing is it vanishes when I opened my eye LOL :D

    Hope you sleep well tonight pal!

  7. I have strange and disturbing dreams all the time. My dad interprets dreams, so he's used to phone calls from me at odd hours.

    My last really eerie dream was the one where I was crossing the street in front of the art museum. In the crosswalk was a blue and black butterfly. I rushed over to scoop it out of harm's way. When I reached down to pick it up, it was feeding on a bloody bandage.

    Something is wrong with me. Perhaps several things are wrong with me.

  8. Too bad you didn't have a civil rights activist die over there. We've got today off!

    I had the weirdest dream's really long tho...I'll post it soon. Hint: Michael Bolton simpered.

  9. Certainly weird stuff there. And I have to agree with you about cockroaches. There's a reason I made them the bad guys in last year's nanobook.


  10. Ooh, it wasn't my weirdest dream, but it was my most fun - I was in a video game, and I could either be Mulder or Scully, and they both had their different tasks to do. If I was Mulder, then I was climbing this big cliff thing chasing a witness or something and had to go up the correct route with the different foot and hand grips. If I was Scully, then I was in a boat and had to keep jumping up to grab pieces of evidence while steering the boat into some rapids. It was in colour and really looked like one of those old-school Nintendo games, it was fantastic.


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