Life would be dull without Human Error

My Calendar likes to give little words of advice, most of it is cryptic double talk the rest is just obvious e.g "You can see far just my looking".

But today I quite liked the phrase it offered up "Life would be dull without Human error"

I know I'm guilty of sitting back and thinking "oh I really wish I hadn't done X three years ago" and thinking about all those mistakes you make through the course of existence. I am certain everyone has had that realisation that they shouldn't have done what they just did. The important thing is not to beat yourself up about it, or spend to long thinking. Otherwise it could drive you mad. I thinking you should acknowledge mistakes and do your best to learn from them.

The world keeps spinning and living in the past will mean you end up missing the present.

There is an old Chinese story about a child and a Monk, the Child turns to the Monk and says
"Oh Master you are so wise, one day I want to be as wise as you"
and the Monk looks mournful and replies "I may seem wise but for every time I am right, there was once a time I was wrong and there is still so much I do not know".

***News of the Day***
- Proof that hating your job can make you ill
- Evidence of a 6000 year old battle field found
- Diet yes, if you must. Starve, why if you don't have to?
- Super Gran!
- Amazon leading the space age?


  1. In the words of Kid Rock, "I may be wrong, but you ain't right." I couldn't agree more, we learn from our mistakes and it's best not to dwell on them.

  2. I teach English as a foreign language, and the little mistakes that people make, make it all worthwhile. I'll never forget when I checked a kid's essay that said, "The burglar's finger-tips were found at the scene of the crime." Ouch! Those automatic security doors'll catch you every time!
    So I agree too. Life would be dull if we all stood around as wise as Aesop nodding sagely, telling stories about animals getting into messy situations and never doing anything ourselves.

  3. That's a nice quote. Errors make successes feel sweeter and adds to the feeling of accomplishment. And they can be funny too. :-)

  4. I agree with Lizza....if not for our sometimes dumb things we've would be boring and we'd have nothing to talk about or learn from or laugh about...

  5. I have the hardest time letting go of mistakes I've made. Growing up Catholic will give a persona guilt complex like no other.

  6. I was thinking of something similar a few days ago. I was thinking that if I could go back to my earliest mistake and relive life with the knowledge I have up to this point, would I want to do it and make the change... I decided the answer was no. If I did go back I might never meet certain people or do certain things and I wouldn't learn in the future because when you make mistakes you learn from them....

  7. I'm finding out that there may be some truth in that whole learn from your mistakes thing. Up until this point I've been happily going through life making the same mistakes over and over again. It's getting old.

  8. I totally agree with this post. Life is about changes. It is through our mistakes that we learn. I believe in this. When my children were growing up and would make mistakes (as they did many times), I would always ask the question, "What can you learn from this mistake?" There is always a life lesson in each mistake we make if we chose to learn by it or not is up to us.

  9. No human errors, nothing done, no progress, no innovations.
    Good reminder. Thank you.

  10. I wouldn't have a blog without human error and work wouldn't be half as much fun if not for all the errors that I and my coworkers make daily ;-)

  11. Corollary:

    "To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer."



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