letter to the world

THIS is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me, —
The simple news that Nature told,
With tender majesty.

Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!

by Emily Dickinson

The Ataris (a band I'm rather fond of) have their own version of this sort of letter that starts...

If I die tomorrow, Will this song live on forever?
Here is my...unopened letter to a world that never shall reply
(You can find the rest of the lyrics here)

I've always thought of a blog as a sort of letter to the world, it doesn't really matter if anyone reads it, its the writing that really counts for something.

Thanks to changes to our interweb usage at work I'm going to be blogging less so before I'm gone here is my unopened letter to the world...

So I wrote these words with my pen,
before my will is spent,
In a letter to a world,
Where lives are broken and bent.

Though free, here I sever lesser men,
to live in days content,
I write a letter left unread,
Laden with all my sorrows and lament.


  1. If I cannot blog everyday I think I will just start killing everybody in the office. Sorry you will be blogging less...;-(
    Beautiful letter to the world.;-)

  2. Hopefully you'll find some way around it right? I'll miss your blog if you don't blog every (week)day.

  3. Hi,

    Shame that you can't blog as much as before. Be sure to do it when time permits. I've enjoyed your posts very much.


  4. Shadowfalcon, this post was wonderful. But I sure hope you're not disappearing forever!

    Emily Dickinson was awesome, wasn't she?

  5. I too consider my blog my open letter to the world...nicely put Shadow...but please don't go away!!!
    I'll miss ya.

  6. *Sob* Oh Ms. Shadowfalcon, I bet the day will come for me one day too when i blog less but you know for sure that you will not be forgotten.

    Missing you already :P Take care my dear pal.

  7. I also HAVE to blog everyday! you have a cool blog! dont stop.

  8. I'm sure you'll find some time for writing here and there. It is obviously important to you. Plus we like to read it.

  9. NOOOO! What will I read with my morning coffee?!

    This, of course, makes me a hypocrite; my blog is horrendously out of date.

  10. Sorry you'll be around less kiddo.

    We'll miss you.


  11. I hope you can find a way around your work's policy. It was a great poem. Hang in there. I figured out how to post from work occaisionally. They haven't gotten me...yet!!

  12. Well this is a pitty.
    I have only started reading your blog and now you go on a go slow.

  13. : )

    I just now upgraded to every other day on my main blog, and stick to my every 3 days on the other side blogs. I just have many more things to share now so I need to get rid of them faster. But still, many people blog once a day. And I simply cant do that, and dont want to. I dont really have personal posts anyway, so it isnt an option. I think people would be so bored if they had to hear about me every day. Yes had to, most of my readers are forced slave blog readers. In china I pay a factory to have children read my blog daily on tiny grainy screens that hurt their eyes. So for their sakes, I only post every other day.

  14. Even if you can't write everyday, try to find some time to write a little. Maybe even once a week. I can't blog every day, time doesn't allow for it, but I do try to get on as often as I can. Sometimes to write, sometimes to read what others have written. I must say I do enjoy the opportunity to get feedback on my thoughts, its kind of like therapy. I also love to read blogs from others, it's a way to touch base with people that I would never have the chance to get to know if it wasn't for the internet.


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