Laundry Day

I never minded doing the laundry until we moved flat. Our new place is just too small for a washing machine. This means that we have to drag our stuff over to the laundrette sit there for hours watching the machines spin and do their thing. This is fine in summer but when its pouring outside the last thing you want to do is haul a few kilograms of clothing to be washed. These places never have heating either so all you can do is snuggle up to the dryers for warmth. I try and read to distract myself but there are always weirdos in these places and I never feel very comfortable. At university it was never that bad you either took your dirty washing home, or even if you did venture down to the washroom, you'd go with a few other people and spend the time gossiping and catching up.

So until we move to a place that can fit a washing machine in, how do the rest of you amuse yourself when doing the washing?

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  1. My mum does it :) (Yes, I am being smug)

  2. O my gosh how I hate Laundromats(don't even know if I spelled that right) was painstakingly bad....I use to also try and read but the weirdo's also made me always go all twitched eyed cause I needed to keep them in eye and pretend to be reading.
    Thank goodness we moved into a place where we fitted a washing machine..
    I hope you get your washing machine friendly home soon.....

  3. Very difficult. I use to put my laundry in at night at the apartments when I was a bachelor. However, one morning I went to retrieve it and someone had stolen all my jeans, and left the rest. I recently had this problem again while training up for our mission. I can't believe some people.

  4. I liked a period of life when I used to go to the laundry as I could relax and read, but without heating you sound scuppered. Here in Japan the "coin laundry" is fully heated, but severely lacks atmosphere - I prefer damp, cold basins - reminds me of days in Hull at uni!

  5. I only had to do this for a year when I was 18. I lived in a very bad apartment complex and it had a laundromat in it. I would run down there, throw my shit in washer and run back to my apartment, dodging bullets, sex offers and needles on the ground. Luckily, none of my stuff ever got stolen.

  6. I HATE the laundrymat. Atmy first Chicago apartment there weren't any in walking with laundry distance so I always had to take a cab (no car). One was attached to a bar though, that always helped me to pass the time. Now I just pay quarters to the machine in the basement.

  7. I'd bring a book or my laptop. That would be great if a laundromats had wireless internet. Then I could blog. Luckily, though, about a year ago I moved into an apartment with a utility/laundry room.

  8. The only thing I find amusing about doing the wash at home is trying to figure out how only two of us, with not a large array of clothes, manage to create such a encompassing pile of fabric for the weekly chore.

    Laundromats . . . ah, how I remember those. Not many of those here - mostly dry cleaners.

  9. Just put the whole thing outside in the rain and pour half a container of washing powder on top. Then stir for some minutes to you get warm. Then go inside and have a cup of tea or something that gives you strenght to go out again and drop the water wherever you find it convenient. Next thing to do: heat up the oven (75 degres) and let overnight.
    Next time, you'll love the laundry. LOL.

  10. I hate laundromats. I do the laundry at home and I either read, study, or play video games. Sometimes I go on the computer. I couldn't imagine sitting and staring at the spinning machines, waiting for them to be done, all while watching that weirdos don't come by and try to touch me.

  11. The only time I do laundry at the laundromat is when we're up to the cottage. Then I just browse through a magazine or something waiting for the wash to get done. I hate the laundromat. Frankly, I hate the laundry period.

  12. I have a washer and dryer so I don't have this problem.

    Buy yourself a good body language book and then try to read the body language of the folks there.

    Or take up sketching and sketch them.

    Or move to a bigger flat and get a washer and dryer. :)

  13. i remember the laundromats. there's always that one weirdo you have to pretend you don't see but need to keep an eye on cause he just might steal your cart or smell your socks or something disgusting like that.

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