Bleak House

Back not too long ago when I was doing my M.A I began to love Dickens. Before this I'd always found him a but dull with the exception of Great Expectations. He always had far too many characters and sub-plots to my liking. I felt the same about Jane Austen for a number of years until something in me clicked and I suddenly loved it. I seem to go through this with most of the rather long winded classics until they managed to win me over and I wonder how I could ever have been bored. (Though I'm not budging on Tolstoy!). The only person I adored straight away was Edith Wharton, who seems terribly underrated in my humble opinion.

Anyway, a year ago or two, the BBC did a new version of Bleak House, which thanks to my Professor in Victorian Literature I came to appreciate every page. But when it was first aired I was working and ended up missing it. Repeats have been on, but I've only seen glimpses of it until yesterday, when I watched 5 hours in a row. (I don't really watch that much TV but when I do I tend to be addicted).

So I was thrilled watching this version, I'm on the edge of my seat and Gillian Anderson continues to surprise me (she did this first in House of Mirth, which I thought I'd hate but ended up buy on DVD as soon as I could).

Now some of you might be put off by the length and the language but think of it like a soap opera with a little Dickens magic. Go on you'll not be disappointed, plus there is always the book.


  1. I missed it when it was on and was so disappointed... my mother in law watched it and loved it and I found myself getting annoyed with her every time she mentioned it.

  2. Well, you've got me interested - excuse my ignorance but Gillian Anderson and Dickens isn't the most natural pair-up to my mind, but it certainly intrigues - and this novel reads is considered one of his best, so at a later date will check it out. Cheers!

  3. Do you read the books too, or just watch the movies? I love to watch Jane Austen movies, but haven't tried to read the books. I always assume (bad I know) that they'll be somewhat hard to get through. You know how Shakespeare is always easier to watch than read, I kind of take that approach with a lot of classics. Though I did really enjoy Frankenstein. :p

  4. If I am dissapoined, can I sure you? ;)


  5. I've always loved Dickens. Never could grow to love Austen or Wharton, though. With Austen it wasn't the stories themselves, but her writing style. I found it -- plodding.

    I've never seen Bleak House, but I'll have to get it. I always was an X-Files fan and have missed seeing Gillian Anderson around.

    On another note, I don't know if you stopped back by that controversial post on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Lovin' blog, but I wanted to clarify that I wasn't the one making the comments about funding terrorists; I was the one saying the story was fear-mongering. Just felt the need to clear that up.

  6. I'm a big fan of modern literature, and at my age, they're probably considered classics too.

  7. I've only read Great Expectations and the first third of David Copperfield myself. Gillian Anderson does Dickens, eh? Sounds interesting. She certainly has a wide range of acting facets. (?)

  8. MY GOD I LOVE BLEAK HOUSE!!! When I was in college I took a class on Dickens, and since then I occasionally return to one of his works every few years. I think I am do for a Bleak House reading.

    I think I will check out the film. What did you think about the most recent incarnation of Great Expectations? One of my other favorite books of his.

  9. The only time I've attempted reading Dickens was in high school, and I remember not enjoying it. Maybe this is something I need to revisit.

    I've heard good things about Anderson's performance.

  10. I like a few things of Dickens, but I have to say, I've never read anything of Jane Austen's.


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