Animal Lover

As it turns out, Dog owners live longer and healthier lives.

So that will give me an extra argument to get a cat and a dog when we eventually get a place of our own.

Yup I've said it before and I'll say it again I love Animals, all types, shapes and sizes. Give me an animal and I get ga-ga eyes. I even have a thing for sharks, I'm not saying I'd jump into a tank with one but they are incredible. Take the fact that they haven't needed to evolve for 100 million years, now thats impressive.

What baffles me is that there are people out there who don't adore animals, you know the ones, the people that scream if a dog comes near them. The ones the freak if your holding your pet gerbil.

I don't get it, I mean look at these cute faces how can you not adore them?

Someone please explain this to me...

In another turn of even, if you work for certain companies you can take time off if you pet is ill, I kid you not!


  1. You even get medical aid for cool is that. I also love animals...They even follow me around, my best friends cat eat out of my hand and let me pet her and even lies by me when we watch TV. My friends first words way back when, when I wanted to pet the cat for the first time was, my cat doesn't really like right the cat adores me....hihihih....

  2. Good on the Bank of Scotland! I only wish we were allowed a cat in this apartment.

    Go get married and have a pet - should 'in theory' lead to you living to a ripe old age.

    Theory often rings true...

  3. Hi Shadow, Been missing you....
    Anyway, I have a dog...and love all animals too....the unconditional love that an animal offers can't be beat. People who don't like dogs or cats don't know what they're missing.

  4. yeah, now dogs i'm ok with, but i'm not a cat person really :(

  5. it's been a while since I enjoyed a good cup of kitten. hehe
    Two dogs, two cats and two horses, hoping for a third horse when I get home.

  6. I once had a client who called to say she couldn't make her appointment because there was a dog on her porch and she was too scared to go outside. It cracked me up.

  7. I love animals too and when I was a little girl, my Father bought me a parrot, a rabbit, bird & gold fish for pets :D

    Bibiana had a hamster when she was a little girl too.

    We love pets...High Five Ms. Shadowfalcon :D

  8. I love animals too. I have a pomeranian, his name is Mario. Sadly, I have to give him away in two months since we're moving (sniff) I'm going to miss him a lot. But I know what you're saying about people running and screaming from animals. This one girl in my school has this thing about grabbing somebody and squealing if she sees a squirrel. Isn't that sad?

  9. "What baffles me is that there are people out there who don't adore animals, you know the ones, the people that scream if a dog comes near them."

    I totally know what you mean. Once I was complaining about my allergies to my aunt and she suggested I get rid of my cats and dog. I thought, how could I just get rid of them?! Would I ask you to get rid of your child because she gave you headaches? My animals are family. Crazy woman.

  10. My dog and my fish are the ones who truly get to hear me muse ;-)

  11. My wife and I are getting a dog in the spring. It's her decision alone, and not mine. I already feel like a zookeeper at our house--what with: two rats, a turtle, and four fish tanks. I need a day off work each week just for the upkeep.

  12. i love pets. hv 2 cats b4 but 1 was hit by a vehicle while the other was attack by a group of stray dogs. i hv an aquarium but looks old and ugly. hv been planning to get a new one this month but since i was away, not able too. will try to get it done this weekend. they do make you forget about the world for a while.


  13. I'm not a huge animal lover, although I have a dog. I got him for my boys and it's a good thing he's sweet and good and doesn't poop in the house. But I have to admit, I really missed him when he was gone all day for a hair cut. I think he's growing on me.

  14. awww what cute pictures! I have a cat and a dog. He is the tiniest most hyper thing I've ever seen! haha he makes my cat look like Godzilla!

  15. I love animals, but my husband isn't a good pet owner. I'm in the process of trying to get a small dog he can live with. We babysat my mom's little poddle (sweetest dog ever-- not yappy at all) and he liked her. So not all is lost.

  16. I treat my dogs like they're my kids. Am I a bad person if I prefer dogs to children?

  17. I read your post for Felicia, my Manx Cat. When finnished she said: Miao
    (Meaning Bravo). I do so agree.


  18. I don't understand people who don't like animals. Occasionally I run into someone who turns a nose up when I mention my two cats and three dogs. When that happens, I am amazed. How can someone not love animals? I mean, if not dogs and cats, then at least fish or birds. Something. How lonely would it be to go through life without at least one other species to connect with?


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