Giant Spider

As I said in my previous post I've been trying to finish a novel but besides that I do get up to other things.
Like Laundry, I was hanging some out on the back deck the other day and rapidly running out of space, because three rather large spiders had made their homes in the washing lines and I like to leave bugs to their business. It reminded me of our recent jaunt to Mount Coot-ha, one of Brisbane's Botantical Gardens. If you ever in the area I highly recomend it, it totally free, a great place to spend the day and is home to this Lady. 
I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo (thank you E for getting so close) but this is one huge Spider and Australia is literally crawling with them! But I had been told "if its not a red back or a funnel web don't worry" - they were wrong...
These Golden Orbs (at least I think its one of the genus Nephila) can grow to be massive, like our friend here and have a nasty bite, which luckily, isn't deadly. But the point is they BITE and there I was provoking not one but three! I swear their beady little eyes were gunning for me. So I've decided the washing can stay wet cos I'm staying clear of these girls...perhaps I'll get E to move them...

N.B You might have noticed I've added a little thing about comments in my sidebar, the reason being I don't like being mean and I really hate when people are mean to me...


Creative Juice

If anyone has any spare creativity or seen mine can they post it over to - 
Mental Girl, 
Somewhere in Oz, 
Writers Block Motorway, 
I'm trying to finish my current novel. I mean current not because I'm a paid author - no just another lowly person on the publishing food chain but because I've never been able to finish. My laptop has several half baked ideas stored in its databank. I have loads of enthusiasm going in, I million words, characters and chapters waiting to pour out and after I get about a quarter of the way I'm stumped. I know what I want to happen say, three chapters on, but for the moment nothing - a great big blank.  Suddenly cleaning the kitchen floor seems like a fantastic way to spend the day or you find yourself agreeing to all sort of things to avoid sitting down in front of that keyboard with nothing. I prefer to wait for my muse to speak to me and therein lies the problem - seems they get called away just when you need one!
I know I'm not the only one - we've all been there. It defiantly happens to the pros as well, there have been about a zilllion times I've been reading a book and it seems like you hit four chapters of madness before returning to the real story. Harry Potter 5 I'm convinced suffered from this in a major way which is why the middle lot about Umbridge should have been ripped out.
I digress, now that I have time to concentrate on writing (as E is out there earning all of the bread) I'm going to finish something. My plan is to write a certain amount a day - whether its any good is totally irrelevant, thats what editing is for (if I ever get there). Sometimes I can't help but laugh at something I wrote weeks before, least it keeps me entertained, if a little closer to the white jacket.
But if anyone has any other handy tips to avoid the over crowding on Motorway please feel free to share.
(Please note the pic is not me, last time I tried that the pencil took on a life of its own and launched itself in the direction of my eye)


Space Invaders

The other day we went bush walking, after walking for hours I sat down and was looking at my boot and noticed something black and worm like defiantly moving toward my leg. Up it crawled bit by bit reminding me ever so distinctly of Venom. 

Since coming to Australia I've been very aware that the creatures in the garden are deadly, I mean we have adders in the UK but I've never seen one and there is no danger of one hanging out in your back garden. So before I handle anything I like to find out what is it (especially after a lizard climbed up my leg, I mistook it for a spider and slapped it - thus crushing and killing the poor thing, I adore lizard and felt super guilty) So I showed it to E who screamed... "Leech"!!! 

My only reply was shaking my leg and maybe "get it off" or was it "ahh ahhh ahhh" its hard to tell in such crisis situations. I like to think that if I'd been warned as to the presence of such creatures I would have worn a bio hazard suit. Luckily hiking boots are leech proof. It felt like that scene in Stand by me

I can handle spiders, I like reptiles but I HATE anything that wants my blood!

Of course as soon as our unwelcome guests had been spotted and all shoes and clothes had been checked for the invaders, E decided to take pictures of the damn things. I thought it must be a scientist/bloke thing, then I turned around and found another guy in the group fanatically scraping his shoes and jumping at the sight of twigs terrified the creatures were out to get him. I have to admit I felt smugly happy that I'd been so calm in comparison.


“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

Quote from - Muriel Rukeyser
The Universe is a big place.

I often find myself staring at the night sky, when I was a kid I'd lie out in the back garden and try and spot constellations.

I've blogged about my love for stars before, it probably why am such a geek for anything remotely Sci-Fi.

I like believing that every time I'm staring up at the sky dreaming of other worlds, something somewhere out in the vastness of space, is looking back and thinking the something.

I really think if people truly understood how magnificent space was, we'd be able to look past the petty things that make us different and realise just how connected all of us on this little planet are.


When Emu's Attack!

We went to a bird sanctuary the other day, all was well then disaster struck. Picture for me if you will the scene in Jurassic Park when the two kids are stalked by the blood thirsty Velosoraptor and you might come close to the events that unfolded.

There we, innocently taking pictures and enjoying the bright August day when we go through a gate and there he is - a 7 foot tall angry emu.

His feathers all ruffled and up in the air, a deep groaning noise coming from within and his dinosaur feet rapidly closing in on us. Now I'm sure E saw an emu, what I saw was the claws on the birds feet capable of disemboweling a human!

I don't know who was the first to break but we did the only sensible thing, we ran back through the gate and waited for more tasty victim to lure him away.

Of course we tried to take a few photos through the gate but it seemed to enrage him even more, we backed away slowly and made our way down to the perfectly cordial saltwater crocodile.

(Please note I did have a nice pic of an Emu before but I think the person who took the photo got upset, it has since been replaced by this photo, that I did manage to take while running from the scary bird hence the shaky camera)


One Bird of Prey to another...

I went to Lone Pine Koala sanctuary the the other day and met a kindred spirit

yup that's me and a lovely barn owl :-)


Supermarket Sweep

Hey All, So I've been in Oz for 3 weeks now, luckily Brisbane has been lovely and sunny this whole time, not a drop of rain. Which is great for me but not for the area cause its in the middle of a drought. London on the other hand is flooding - go figure - perhaps we should get them to post us some rain.

Anyway I've already started working on-line which has its ups and downs, great to be at home but sometimes you end up working over the hours your meant to do cos no one is around to tell you to stop. Still beats the office though!

For those of you who have left your native lands and moved abroad I ask this, is it me or is the supermarket the weirdest thing in another country. Lucky for me everything is in English here so no language problem but everything is in the wrong place and called the wrong thing. Thing you take for granted like cereal don't exist here and if they do they taste different. Other things you know you can't live without are no where to be seen and all these strange new things are there instead. It is freaking me out big time I mean life without rain I can handle but no Weetabix (and no matter what they say Weet bix is not the same) and no Always Ultra how is this possible!

Having said that 22 degrees C in winter - now that's something i can get behind :-)

So far my Ozzie adventures involved loads of sleeping to recover from Jet lag and trips to some brilliants markets (you can get practically anything from a market here) and being kept awake by the screaming possum. Oh and the lizard that crawled up my leg who was friendly but I mistook for a red back spider and accidentally crushed - yup I know I'm going to hell.

Oh well I'm raving I'll be back spoon with something coherent


Leaving for Oz Tomorrow

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standin' here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe, I hate to go


Le Vie en Rose

Hi All, Friday started at work, saying goodbye to colleagues and friends, it was raining which suited my mood before I knew it I was on the Eurostar speeding towards Paris.

I've been to Paris several times of the past 10 years or more and each time I discover something new. E had only ever been for a day trip once, so I was looking forward to showing him the highlights of the city. The fantastic Architecture that screams history, the coffee shops every three feet full of people just taking life easy and the yummy food (providing you have money).

Our Hotel was right on top of Concorde so we couldn't be more central if we tried, which meant we did a hell of a lot of walking and now I'm a tad footsore but it was well worth it. If you only get one day in Paris, take a tour around the city and see the usual sites, The Effiel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, Sacré Coeur etc but whatever you do make sure you go to Musee d'Orsay despite what the books tell you, this is the best museum in Paris. Enough of me ranting I can never be bothered to retell the holiday word for word, here are some of the pics E took...


Monday, Monday...lalalala

It is my last week at work! (Well before I go freelance for a little while that is). Even though I'll be giving up the office and technically still working for company I get scream "Free at last, Free at last!" on Friday. I'm also running off to Paris for a few days the second I get out of here, to really bring home the having time to do anything factor.

There are certain colleagues I'm really going to miss and wish I could pack into my suitcase with me, in fact I still miss my colleagues from the Bookshop (even though it was years ago!) but they were more friends then work people anyway. I only had that sort of relationship with 2 people in this job. I might be thrilled to leave but I think, a tiny bit of me is sad. I'm sure that will melt away really quickly though once I'm away from my desk and the morning lull dies away.

It is funny though, once you get what you want it hard to be entirely happy cos of all the things you forgot you liked...


Moving House

Every time I move house I wish I had led a minimalist life style.

Every bit of my body hurts, in fact I think my mind is in pain too which means I'm far too dead to write a proper post. Actually I'm too tired for work as well but they pay me to turn up.


"And the Truth Shall Set you Free"

This is one of my devils, I don't think you need to be truthful all the time. In fact some situations actually call for lying...

I've been thinking about this phrase and the idea of truth in general. We are taught from a young age to tell the truth and that doing so is a good and Nobel thing.

Then we grow up and realise that telling the truth all the time, is not the best course of action. For instance, telling your mum she looks awful in that dress, may be fine when you are 6 years old (if a bit cheeky), but at 25 it would just be mean.

This, I guess, is tact. Knowing when to tell the truth or not. Omitting particular details and waiting for the right moment before speaking.It is not something you can teach or learn you either have tact or you don't.

I really believe little white lies never hurt anyone. I mean what is so good about being truthful if someone gets hurt by it?

Equally I would argue that one must tell the truth when it comes to the big things in life, i.e don't lie about who you are as this is one thing you'll never be able to hide forever (Of course don't lie to cover up crimes - I'm not justifying that).

Even then there is always more then one side to every story and each is true from different prospectives.

After all if everything was as simple as right and wrong, truth and lies wouldn't the world be a much easier place to live in. Really isn't it all just shades of grey...



We had another Bank Holiday in the UK, for me this means loads of running around but I did manage to fit in a visit to the new Planetarium in London over at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. A few of you might remember that I was very upset when then closed down the old one at Baker Street (to turn it into some celebrity worship dome ugk), I still think its a shame but the new one does have its charms.

As long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the stars, I learned all the constellations when I was a kid and often spend summer evenings in the garden straining my eyes to see them. The first time I really saw the heavens in all its glory was on a trip to Bangladesh at the age of 11. We were out in my dad's village, using only moonlight to illuminate the place (as they didn't have electricity yet) and the first night when the sun set I couldn't believe the sheer beauty of the night. More stars then I could imagine, so bright and wondrous that I've never forgotten the sight. I think I stared almost all night until sleep finally got me - my cousins didn't understand the fascination and began to believe that we didn't have stars in the UK!

When we came back my dad bought me a telescope, it wasn't good for much except looking at the moon but I loved it nonetheless and its still hiding in my room. The Planetarium to me is like walking in the stars - almost able to touch them.

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We are off to see the Wizard...

E and I are moving to Australia for a year maybe more. Only a few weeks to go before we make the big move in July. First we've got to pack up and move out of our flat and ship all my books (as if I'd go anywhere without them) and live with my folks for two weeks before jumping on a plane and getting out of here.

Sounds easy, but it is not going to be. I should have adopted a minimalistic life style and then packing would be easier but it is too late now.

I'm really looking forward to the move, in some ways I wish I could go today and all my stuff would magically follow me there. Just the idea of it, the great weather, the lifestyle etc. On others days I'm wondering what I'll do with no friends out there or family. I mean we have E's family but it'll be strange being so far away from my parents and the whole Bengali culture. It isn't like when your a kid and you go to school and make new friends, things are different when your an adult - I mean how do you talk to a stranger without seeming like a lunatic?

I'm used to having second of my day booked with things to do and billion people around all the time. Will I go insane with the quiet or will I love it...I don't know. Then there is work, I've spent the past few year working my way up in publishing but now it might not count for anything. I mean I'm bored of my job but I know its going somewhere.

I look at a few of my friends Nick, Michelle and T who have moved away from home and they seem really happy, lets hope it works out for the best...

Oh by the way your not off the hook, I'll still keep blogging from downunder.


Post Bank Holiday Blues

Whoever invented public holidays was a genius, what they didn't account for was the fact, work is ten times harder when you finally go back...

I'm wishing I could just go home and read comics all day...



'If Heaven's so wonderful, why are we all so afraid of dying young?' - Welcome the Night, The Ataris

I had an idea for a story recently that got me thinking about death and the afterlife etc it didn't help that I'd just watch the Fountain, then I was listening to the Ataris new album and my brain went into thinky overdrive...

Fear of death is apparently the motivation for about a million things we do. According to some psychology paper I read ages ago being afraid of the dark as a child is a subconscious fear of death, this manifests whether the child is aware of death or not. Some people retain this fear all of their life while most are more able to cope as they mature.

There is a school of thought that states that all living things are born with the knowledge of their own mortality and its why the survival instinct and reproduction instincts are so strong.

Think about it, practically every basic thing we do is for survival, to eat, nest and reproduce. It seems very few animals in nature are the only other animals besides humans that do things purely for fun (primates, dolphins, cats and dogs are the only ones I can think of) . Everything else on the planet spends its time in this cycle of survival.

You might be wondering why I've put a photo of the Taj Mahal on this post, I saw it for the first time when I was 11 and have never forgotten it. What still strikes me is that something so beautiful is to nothing more then a tomb, but to others it is a testament to love that lasted beyond death.

So where am I going with all this? Well if we get to be one of the few creatures that can have fun and perceive life with all its wonders and disappointments then let us make the most of the time we have and live beyond surviving. We humans get so caught up in what stresses us out and our own issues that sometimes we forget to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes surviving isn't enough


The little things in life

'Rains drops on roses and whiskers on kittens'

It is small things that make me happy like seeing the first daffodils that tell you spring is here and the autumn leaves turning fire red or golden.

Today I moved into my new office, just me and M (my boss) and the best thing about it - a door! Finally I can talk to someone without feeling like 30 people are listening in. I know it silly but it still made me smile this morning.

I've notice that a few people do gratitude lists or things they learned (like Odat and Michael C) thanks for the inspirations guys. The great thing about them is they can really change your mood. Especially if you having a rubbish time, if you step back and try not a dwell on the negative (which I do all the time) then life can seem a tad less horrid and bit more hopeful.

So to anyone who is reading tell me what makes you happy...

(p.s I'll put some more Oz pics up in a few days and thanks for all your nice comments)


Back from Oz

Greetings to the blogging world.

I'm back from my lovely two weeks in Australia (Brisbane and the Whitsunday Islands to be precise). I've spent the last two weeks doing all sorts including seeing the Glass House Mountains, hikking through dense rainforests (the very ones the movie FernGully was based on) and snorkelling at the Great Barrier reef.

I could write a million words to describe all I've been up to but I think in this case pictures are worth a 1000 words...

(and yes that's me feeding the Kangaroo at Australia Zoo, of Steve Irwin fame)


The countdown

I am rubbish at waiting for anything.

Patience is a virtue - loved by all, known by few.

I can be patient, really I can I just can not stand anticipation. I get edgy and have butterflies in my stomach, i start to think off all the things that can go wrong, it a downward spiral.
You see I'm going over to Australia in a few long drawn out days, to visit my mother in law. I'm counting down the seconds till we leave and I'm not thinking about the sheer volume of work I'll have when I come back. The problem is I hate waiting, I want to go now!

I've become more and more like this over the past few years, E has banned me from watching TV shows until we have the whole season because I get obsessive and need to know what is going to happen. I blame JJ Abrams for this - had it not been for Alias I might never have bothered with television again. Strangely enough I can survive the post office but with the cinema I have to see previews or go on the first day of release, with books i get them on preorder (Thank you Amazon!). Actually I think the Internet is to blame - having almost anything a few clicks away just fuels an addictive personality like mine.

So I ask how do I get rid of the anticipation?

(and why does the clock always stop 2 seconds from the end?)

Anyway Thanks for reading my post thus far and see you all when I return.


Alls fair in Love and War?

I've been reading a novel called "The Trial of True Love". The protaganist is head over heels for a women he can't have. Yep one of those stories, not a fantastic book but it got me thinking. Why is it so endearing to read/watch a guy pursue a women in earnest as opposed to a women chasing a man. (I don't know enough about gay couples to comment so I'll stick to hetrosexual relationships for this post though I'm sure it all applies).

Think about it, if a girl is chasing a guy with complete zeal and he is not interested the main assumption people make is that she is a - desperate b- shamless. Whereas when a guy chases a women relentlessly he is a - a stalker b - adorablely sincere. Why the distinction, or is it just me who sees it this way?

Don't get me wrong I'm not about to go down the men vs women route in the quest for love cos we know that nobody really gets an easier a time.

The Beatles said "all we need is love" most of us spend much or our free time when we are single in the pursuit of it, in a relationship - maintianing it and as parents you spend all your timing giving it. So as much as I hate to doubt the Beatles - yes we all need love but is it enough?

What is love with out understanding and respect? And what do you do if the one you love doesn't return those affections...

So my question is is all really that fair in Love and War?


Keep in touch

I'm having an introspective month. Which is just code for the fact that I think far too much about random stuff. Recently I've noticed just how many people I've lost touch with. I'm sure you all know how it is. You move around and some people you just know you'll never see or speak to again but you miss them all the same. Other people you try and keep in contact with but it fades out and then there is the core you do keep in touch with which is great but every now and again you wonder what happened to everyone else?

Sites like MySpace and Facebook are great for finding people you used to know but when you find them how much have you actually got to say anymore?

Sometimes its like no time has passed but other times after you've said "hi" its followed by awkwardness...

Its worse with family, I have such a huge extended family that I grew up with (I'm talking in the hundreds) that you just accept that you'll see these people at events like wedding, dinners etc but since I grew up and moved out I have less reason to go to these things and thus end up seeing people I love (and many that I loathed) once a year, relying on my parents for updates. Taking for granted that the people I'm close are family and will forgive me for not being there thus I'll never really lose touch with them.

Anyway I think this week should be getting in touch week I mean what have I got to lose...