Things to do when your wasted...1. Lie about who you are

I went to a Catholic School (even though I wasn't Christian) becasue my parents thought it would have more dicipline then other schools. During the two years I was there I became friends with our Chaplin - Father Chris, a very funny guy who had a terrible, almost devilish sense of humour and collected ceramic frogs. Becasue of him I'd always had respect for the Clergy, I mean I had before but I began to think of them as a bit more human. (Plus he never told me, I was going to burn in hell for my heathen ways - that's another story).

Anyway, so yesterday I'm reading the paper and I come across an article about the Bishop of Southwark who got wasted and woke up without his mobile phone etc and assumed he'd been mugged.

It seems not, the good Bishop had had a few drinks at the Irish Embasy and was so drunk when he left that he climbed into someone elses car (in Crucifix Lane), claiming to be the Bishop of Woolwich and precceded to throw the owners stuff out the windows before they could physicaly drag him away as he wouldn't believe it wasn't his car. The owners later found his breif case and handed it over to the police who managed to put the two reports together and reveal that the Bishop was responsible for his own injuries. So it seems it was Reverand Bulter in the Billiard Room with the Bottle of Whiskey all along.

Well you can't get more human then that.


  1. God bless that poor bishop! ;p

  2. Right, I hope you are kidding about the ceramic frogs, because that is kind of scary

    That is a completely hilarious story

  3. Irene - Indeed they do

    Meru -yup it does

    K - I loved the frog collection! what was scary about it? frogs are cute.

  4. That is awesome! It's nice to know that the clergy are human just like the rest of us and not on some pedestal. and if they are they can fall too! Great story.

  5. I plan on declaring, "I am the Bishop of Woolwich!" sometime in the near future.

  6. Man that is hilarious, I can just see the poor guy getting thrown out of a car and then being sure he was attacked. I should use that excuse next time.

  7. OMG How embarassing!!! But funny!

  8. As a person without religion I have always had a good relationship with the clergy. Back in Detroit, I was friends with a couple Catholic priests who were regular guys championing social issues. One of them was even involved in a relationship with a woman, breaking his celibacy vows. Hey, not for me to comment.

    Since moving I've forged friendships with three Lutheran pastors. One of them, a leftie, would spend time arguing religion with me. Always interesting and spirited discussion.

  9. What's the story behind you being told to burn in hell?
    I a;so went to catholic school, and trust me, I've been told that quite a few times by my religion teacher.


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