Santa's new Sleigh

It may take Santa some time to get to your house this year as Reindeers go on strike.

Rudolph, chief of the Reindeer Union had this comment on this years strike action " Wiki has taugh us about roayalites and we aren't working till we see some!"

Santa refised to comment as he's already spent the money on his face lift. Warning some younger viewers may be distress by what they see...

***In Other News of the Day***
It seems the animals of the world have been grabbing the headlines...
- Ever had that nightmare that a snake could come up your toilet? No? are you sure?
- Camel scarifice makes for better flights?
- How to skin a cat and leave you homeless
- In non-animal related news, When logic bombs are designed by a fool
- and last, Where to get a drink in the middle of nowhere...


  1. Most twisted advert EVER!!!

  2. i got problem viewing the 'face lift'. will try again later.

    but the snake thing happend to me before. it got into my car and stayed inside until it died.

  3. Is it a coincidence that I have a snake stuck in my drain and they had a snake in their toilet?

  4. Oh my God I love this post! Very funny. Hey I have a question. I was reading somewhere about Waterstone in the UK. Is that like our Barnes and Noble bookstore?

  5. That is one scary picture! lol

  6. Too funny! Oh my god! I wonder if Santa's sled was stolen, forcing him to take a rickshaw.

    If this was in the US, Santa would have been sleigh-jacked! ;)


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