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I used to work Monday nights at the computer centre at uni, K (my best friend) used work another one. For a student job it paid well but could be mind-numbingly boring. I used to just write my essays and rarely when people asked, I'd fix something. K managed to entertain herself by being totally addicted to on-line quizzes and personality tests, so I'd get her to send me the better ones to me. Of course if you believe half of these test you'd either be insane or very delusional. Over the years I think I'd taken every test under the sun, been told I should pursue a career in the army as well as joining green peace and fulfill my secret desire of 'running away with the circus'.

Luckily I didn't take any of these seriously, cos most of them are non-sense or just tell you what you want to hear until I came across this: The Star Trek Personality Test

Now its based on the Myers-Briggs type indicator super personality test, so I was thinking it would be pretty accurate and I'd get someone fantastic like Captain Picard, nobel, wise and just damn cool or maybe Data, smart and loveable but no. I got Captain Sisko and Archer (INFJ) I could have screamed, infact I think I did. I didn't want to be some second best Captain I wanted to be Picard! Don't get me wrong its better then getting Counsellor Tori or Ezri-Dax and I do like those captains (would have cried if it said Janeway) but I hated the idea I didn't know myself as well as I thought.

There might not be enough Trekkies reading this who'll understand my disapointment but the fact of the matter is, I guess were just not really how we precevie ourselves to be and a reality check can be a good thing.


  1. I suppose yes I am insane and a little delusional, but I still do believe they are accurate most of the time.

    I never did trust the Myers Briggs Personality test though for the sheer fact that they had previously suggested at least 2 careers which I would never in hell consider.

    I personally really like Data, Odo and Wesley Crusher but have serious doubt I would get any of them, hopefully I won’t get anything too horrendous.

    Have a nice day all

  2. I got Troi and Sisko (ENFJ). However, in the may times I have taken Meyers Briggs tests I am always an INFP and very strongly so. Therefore, I don't think it is a very good test. I wouldn't put too much stock in it.

  3. I can't stand jobs that are so boring that you just want to rip out your hair and scream. It sucks. I love the cartoon! Totally cute!

  4. I've taken the Meyers-Briggs personality test at work. I didn't fit into the typical mold of a prison worker though.

  5. Want to see some “real” flower power?

  6. What's wrong with Sisko?

    Sisko was the shizznit.

    Be proud of Sisko. Flaunt Sisko. ;)



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