Office Party

Tonight is the big night. The night I have been both dreading and looking forward to.

Dreading because I hate large groups of people, I hate drunk people, I hate parties and its even worse watching 200 accountants and publishing people attempt to dance. In fact I'd go so far as to say it's horrifying. It should be filmed and turned into one of those shows "When Accountants Attack!".

Last year it all started well, we all arrived at the Hotel and did that stand around yapping thing until we were shown into the banquet hall and then it descended into chaos. Actually they waited until after the main course but this did mean I got 3 slices of cake instead of just the one. I have to admit it is funny to watch the spectacle totally sober and there is always Monday morning when all the gossip you didn't witness gets brought to life. You know "Debbie in HR went home with Jason in Customer Services, but she's engaged!", I don't actually know Debbie or Jason but I'm compelled to listen, just incase they mention someone I do know.

But imagine me a poor impressionable young girl, about to eat her slice of cake witnessing all the uptight boring finance people slowly turn in to raving 14 year olds. The image of turning around and seeing him, our 50 year old, sliver haired, grumpy head of department gyrating to "Sex Bomb". I haven't been able to look him in the eye all year...


  1. Haha! That sounds like a great party or a dreadful bore. Depends on the partygoer's mood, maybe. I hope this year's experience will be a good one for you.

  2. Lol “poor impressionable young girl”

  3. I didn't go to my company's party this year. I WORK with these people - why in the heck would I want to RELAX with them?


  4. "its even worse watching 200 accountants and publishing people attempt to dance. In fact I'd go so far as to say it's horrifying. It should be filmed and turned into one of those shows "When Accountants Attack!".

    Ok that is about the funniest mental picture!!!

    From where I sit I think you either need to go in with a video camera of a hot date... and have some secret giggles!


  5. I don't miss the office holiday parties at all. Come to think of it, I don't miss the office either.

  6. Owtch...

    Sorry kiddo...

    Good luck...



    No...I wasn't laughing...

    I had a..umm...a hair in my...umm...ya... ;)


  7. haha you sound like my boyfriend. Whenever we go to a party for one of our friends he always says, "I hate people, why am I here again?" He doesn't drink at all and I think that's great. He usually ends up having an ok time because when our friends get wasted we just sit around and make fun of them while they sway back and forth trying to look like they're not drunk.

  8. Last year my girlfriend and I went to an office Christmas party, and I ended up stuck sitting with this lady that would not stop whining about her steak. I can see why you're hesitant to go this event. My condolences.

  9. Office parties are dangerous. I've been the gossip the next day. I think I've also gyrated to Sex Bomb. I think I was on a table and I think I wasn't wearing panties.

  10. Office parties are the worst. Hope you have at least a half way decent time this year.

  11. I went to one X-mas party in fifteen years. Much of the same crap takes place with an added twist--the inmates find out about the latest gossip. Not good. Not good at all.

  12. I am always so enviour of you people who work places that have office christmas parties. School teachers don't. We can't. Oh, there may be a handful of us who get together and behave badly, but you aren't going to see a school party.

    Scary thought even.

  13. I like to go to my husbads office party and get drunk. ;)

    Actually, his office parties aren't too bad. I've known most of the people there a long time and know who it's safe to be silly around.

    What really ends up being awkward is the regular office gossip. Some people in his office have had very high-profile affairs. It's tough to have a conversation with someone when you know they're cheating on the wife who happens to be standing next to them.


  14. This is the new reality TV show waiting to happen. I would pay money to watch, if you were the host and offered witty commentary and insights!

  15. ha..ha.. so, how was it? are you the new gossip for next year? :)

  16. I survived. next year I'm taking a video camera and selling the footage.

  17. if i que up early, starting today, can i get 90% off :)


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