Office Party Part 2 - Things I overheard...

I think I've moaned enough about the pain that is the office party. We did have a chocolate fountain this year which makes up for a lot but not everything.

I thought it might be amusing to let you all in on some of the things I overheard...

Guy (to himself with a bottle of wine) - I really have to stop playing drinking games on my own

Girl (to my boss who is a lesbian) - Wow, you look great, if I was a Lesbian I'd take you home.
My Boss (to me) - I'll never be that drunk

Blonde Girl in bathroom - Look I'll put my hand down there and just pull it out...

Women 1 - Wow your boobs looks great
Women 2 - I know its my new bra they sort of lift it all up
Women 1 - I need to get myself a bra like that
Man - Me too

Man in bad tie - Can you believe the food, wasn't it awful?
Man in good tie - I work here.

Girl 1 - Hi, How are you it been so long snice I've seen you, How are the kids?
Girl 2 - I'm Fine, the kids are great, How are you?
Girl 1 - Oh not to bad, same old same old, You know still really busy (long involved conversation) ...Talk to you later
Me to Girl 2 - Who was that?
Girl 2 - No idea
Me - You snice when did you have kids
Girl 2 - I don't

The Point I knew I had to go home was when people flocked to the dance floor for Ice Ice Baby...

***News of the DAy***
Speaking of Ice Frozen frog bought back to life...


  1. I am so glad, I got myself out of the Christmas Party, even if others are not so happy with it in the office. I am pretty much an outsider, but I am not complaining, as long as the job gets done and I get paid, even if it is not enough.

  2. hahhaaaa 2 the Christmas party!!!
    The Chocolate fountain sounds yummmy! I would wait 4 everyone 2 get smashed---and then run off with that fountain! hahahaaaaa!
    ' ]

  3. Oh dear God that sounds like the funniest office party ever! Luckily I got to dodge one office party when I worked for the bank. Since I am in college and had a class that evening (even though I could have missed) I said, oh, sorry I can't come! The next day I heard it was the most boring party in the history of their office Christmas parties. Thank goodness for school eh?

  4. Sometimes, I dance to Ice Ice Baby. But only when I'm home alone.

  5. That made for a great start to my Monday, thank you so much :)

    My only other colleague in Seattle and I are going to have our "Christmas" dinner in the new year. I hope we do sushi again this year :D

  6. Oh I feel your pain..I had my office Christmas party on Friday!
    It was soooo boring...I almost feel asleep!...At least you had some funny conversations going on there! lol

  7. I had several good chuckles at this.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Our Christmas party is on Thursday. It's held right at the assisted living place where I work because management are too cheap to throw a real party somewhere. And we don't even get to have alcohol, just a pot luck dinner. Now that's really a lame Christmas Party.

  9. My office party is tomorrow - at a local restaurant, during lunch. We get to go break bread together for 2 hours and then have to go back to the office for what promises to be one of our roughest meetings of the year!

  10. Heh heh, like it! I love reading about snippets of real life like that!

  11. I wiggle to Ice Ice Baby, too. But only when I'm all by my lonesome. Haha!


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