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We recently fixed our FreeView so that it works perfectly and to my surprise we got a few free Music Channels. Now I haven't had more the normal five channels since I left home (6 years ago). When I go back to my parents I'm glued to Animal Planet or the dinning table. So I never even noticed the billions of new Music Channels, this could have something to do with my dis-illusionment with music at the moment but that's a whole other post. I used to stay up (due to insomnia) glued to The Box and MTV Europe. Then my sister decided music was the work of the devil (she actually used those words) and I was banned from watching any of those channels or listening to music out loud. This was around the time she decided we weren't allowed to par-take in Christmas and I starting buying my first metal/rock albums.

At one point she thought I was depressed cause I was listening to Nine Inch Nails and told a family friend I might need counselling. This was clearly a case of the insane calling the teenager weird. Luckily she eventually figure out she was a tad extreme and is now able to converse with normal people again.

Anyway I always I find it interesting how a good video can take a mediocre song and make it great or a bad video can make a good song annoying. But there are some videos that are more then mere 5 mins of watching the singer/band play in a random setting, there are a few which enter the realms of excellence the way Bill and Ted meant it.

I was tempted to put a few YourTube Link on here but I won't, instead here are some of my personal favourite music videos...tell me yours

1. Run DMC Vs Jason Nevis - Its Like that
2/3. Any Video by the Foo Fighters (but in Particular) - All my Life and Learn to Fly
4. Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
5. Guns'n'Roses - November Rain
6/7 Two with Christopher Walken : Madonna - Bad girl and Fat boy slim - Weapon of Choice
8. Incubus - Drive (Yes it is a little like Aha - Take on me but I like this song more)
9. Eminen - My name is
10. Paul Simon - Call me Al

Sappy videos I Love but should know better...
Texas - In demand (OK its only there cos I think Alan Rickman is great)
Jimmy Eat world - Lucky Denver mint (with clips from Never Been Kissed)
Paula Abdul - Rush Rush (Cause it rebel without a cause!!)
Aerosmith - Crazy/Crying/Amazing

(I bet some of you were expecting Thriller! or Everybody Hurts Which I know are good but not one of my favs)

***Fact of the Day***
1835 -Hans Christian Andersen Published his first book of fairy tales


  1. I like November Rain. Also "Otherside" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and some others that I can't remember right now. :-D

  2. Music is the work of the devil?

    Awesome! Where can I find more of this thing called music? :)

  3. HAHAHA! November Rain!

    My brother and I used to ALWAYS make fun of that video. Especially the part at the beginning where the dude leaps into the wedding cake for no reason at all to escape getting wet with rain. ;)


  4. I don't like music videos. To me, it takes away from my interpretation of the song. The video is sometimes so totally different than what I got from the song before seeing it, that I'd rather just listen to the music on the radio and get my own ideas on its meaning.

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  7. I too would like you to spread the word of free life coaching in your interesting blog!! My favourite life coaching videos are "Lift us up where we belong" and "what a wonderful world!"

  8. i dont hv any fav, even thriller .. but i do like the music videos of theme songs from movies

  9. OK - it is a sure thing your sister is (or was) whacky.

    I just hate it when songs are made for videos instead of vice versa - if you dont see the video - the song usually sux in those cases

  10. 2 thoughts: Paul SImon's 'You Can Call Me Al' is one of the simplest and best ever. A friend and I used to imitate it in high school.

    Rush Rush was the video playing in the background when I was with friends just goofing around the night a friend came over and told us another friend had died.

  11. Check out Pearl Jam's "evolution" video. It's pretty trippy.

    And I never really thought about it, but Foo Fighter videos do rock...wierd.

  12. I always feel so left out of the whole hoopla over music videos. MTV launched when I was in high school (there, now you know how old I am) and I should have been in the first wave of people hooked on them, but...we lived was out in the boonies and could not get MTV! As a result I've never really gotten into music videos. :(

  13. There's nothing wrong with a little heavy metal. One of my personal favorites is the cd "Swirl" by Sprung Monkey. Also, I like Marilyn Manson's "Lunch Box" song. Did you know he has a masters degree in mathematics? I knew there was something I liked about him.

  14. My sisters and I are addicted to those Aerosmith videos. We still have a sick fascination with all those songs and I actually own a copy of get a grip. I hope I didn't pay for it though.

  15. video killed the radio star... that's all I got to say about that


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