Moving jobs...

Do you ever find that moving jobs is an absolute nightmare? Its strange but I've always found it easier to change job if I'm already in one then when I don't have one at all.

Even then it is the same nigthmare, you send off about a million CVs for jobs you are probably a little over or even under qualified for and hear nothing. This could go on for months and there is no reason why. Is it so hard to send a "sorry your application has been unsucessful" letter/e-mail? Half the time it seems just like random luck rather then your actual abilities. You get interviewed for places you thought would never call you and ignored by ones you know you can do in your sleep.

You spend the rest of time wondering if moving jobs is so hard, how did the idiot next to me get hired?


  1. I truly believe the hand of fate picks your job for you. In the prison system, it's always smart to transfer from one prison to another every five years; we have an over familiarization policy. Administration does not want the inmates to be overly friendly towards you. Only way to make sure this doesn't happen is to transfer at least every five years. Those who don't sometimes get fired.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I ask myself that question every weekday and somestimes weekend when I am thinking over the week.

    I mean I have given up on finding a dream job, but a decent one that pays well where people do their job just seems impossible.
    In my case I am generally underqualified on paper, but over qualified in real life (I know it sounds like I am bragging, but it is true)

  3. They say the only thing worse than having a job is looking for a job. Ugh. I can't stand the thought, but then I hate my current job. So whatcha gonna do?


  4. It is very frustrating, for sure. One way of looking at it is to convince yourself that you wouldn't want to work in a company that treats people in this manner -- not responding to their resumes, etc. Imagine how they must treat their employees!

  5. I work about nine months out of a year. I need the rest of the time to recover from working and to prepare to work again.

  6. Very frustrating. I hate looking for a job. seems that whenever you need one there aren't any and then when you have one it sucks and you hate it. it is a damn vicious circle i'm telling ya!

  7. I feel the same way. Jobs are no fun. I really would like to have a job that was fun. My job should be fun. It isn't.


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