Airplanes, the best way to travel?

E was stuck up in Scotland for hours yesterday because his plane was delayed by 3 hours.

I don't think airplanes are the best way to travel over short distances. By shorts I mean a one or two hour flights, but it does depend to where.

For example London to Dublin is an hours flight but you have to cross the Irish sea - in this case planes are far more sensible (plus if I mention the word "Ferry", E get that look of distain). London to Paris is also and hour but I'd rather take the EuroStar.

Yes thats right I'd rather take the train. They have seats that can fit a normal sized human being and staff that do not frown at you for getting up. I know trains can be just as expensive as Airtravel but for some places its just easier.

Take for example another 1 hour flight, From London to Newcastle. You can do this in under 3 hours on a train. Now it seems the plane is faster but take into acount the 30mins to get out to the airport, the 1.5 hours to check-in and wait around before boarding, the 30 mins waiting for the plane to take off, the 1 hour in the air and the last 30 mins or more getting out of the airport and back into the town centre. Thats a minimum of 4 hours, by this point you would have been at your destination an hour earlier without any fuss. Just imagine if there was a delay, your stuck, you can't change tickets and there is no escape. You just have to wait...and wait...and wait....

I know in America and India internal flights are as long as international ones, so I to would take a plane but trust sometimes a train really is much better.

Then again people could have other reasons...


  1. You have a good point at the time it takes for journey on plane and train. I mean I do think about the time to travel to the airport and the time from airport to wherever you are boarding, but I never considered check in time and waiting to board. I cannot say either has good food though and it really does depend on whether it is a nice train that is clean and air onditioned in the summer.

  2. Trains sound so much more fun if you're in no real hurry. You get to see the scenery. :-)

  3. We went to Mexico recently, but we decided to make the 12-hour drive rather than deal with airports. Airplanes are such a pain to deal with, and flights can be so expensive that it's not really worth it.

  4. Why isn't that cool Star Trek transporting thingie available yet? I hate travelling, period. Problem is I like seeing new places. National Geographic just ain't cuttin it any more. What a conundrum.

  5. I used to take the train with my mom to Grandma's house. A few years ago, I decided to take the train for nostalgia. It wasn't how I remembered it.

  6. Using trains in the US would be great, if it wasn't for the century long sabotage campaign by certain economic forces (yes car industry, I'm looking at you). I took the train down to Portland a few months back, and it actually took longer than if I'd driven it. Thanks to new security precautions at the train station, a 4 hour train journey (that probably could be done in about 2 hours) pretty much took up the whole day.

  7. I was once on a plane for a 20 minute flight...

    Holy crap...

    I thought this thing was desinged byt eh wright brothers. ;)


  8. I've been on an airplane only a couple times (round trip but I don't count that twice... I'm weird I guess) and I have never been on a train. I wish that I could take a train somewhere. It would be interesting. If only I could talk the boyfriend into going with me. haha

  9. My flight home to Mpls form Chicago takes a maximum of four hours if everything takes as slow as it posisbly could. Actual air time is around an hour. The train takes 7-8 hours and is full of ugly people. Planes for me anytime.

  10. if only i can trade in my car for a x-wing

  11. K - Most of the long distance trains are nice, but it does depend which company. We both know how awful south-west trains are.

    Lizza - exactly the scenery is the best part. For example if you go up to Edingburgh the last hour of the trip if all along the coast, the views are breathtaking.

    Bird - Hope Mexico was fun. I totally love the road trip but then I'm not the one driving.

    Mist - I'm sorry!

    Urgusabic - it took how long? Are trains slower in the States?

    Steve - isn't that more of a hop?

    Shelia - Really? Never? Whoa I got to sit down

    Natalie - Ok Trains must be slower in the states, what you need are bullet trains like Japan.

    Meru - I've already got an imperial shuttle (made of lego)


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