6 Weird Things

I think I'm going to cry, i hate Mondays and I just lost my post...

I've been tagged, so here are weird things about me...

1. I talk about myself in the 3rd person and like to have conversations with my teddy bears.

2. I can eat insane amounts of Candy floss and popcorn without end cause they are sooo yummy

3. i have a book addiction, i can't stop buying them and i won't give them away unless I know they are going to a good home.

4. When I'm on my own I'll sing-a-long to my 'My Fair Lady' and Wizzard of Oz' DVDs

5. I have theme songs for people in my head (not everyone) so when I see them they get a little music intro

6. I still like dressing up in costumes....

Tagged are: Michelle, Lizza, Parlancheq, JR, Natalie and MerapuMan.


  1. :B
    ok, give me a while, i hv a few post to clear 1st. next week maybe.

  2. Phhhew! I've already done this tag. I know I didn't follow the rules, perhaps someone upstairs is trying to tell me something. Anyway, here's one weird thing: I like working in the prison during the Christmas holidays.

  3. I can confirm 1, 2, 3 and 6
    Would not know 4 as she would be doing it by herself, but would not be surprised at all

    5 seems interesting and I am now intrigued as to whether I have a song

    Anyway, I agree that Monday sucks

    Try and have a nice day all

  4. You are not weird but cool :D

  5. Great list...thanks for sharing...I love your #4....lol.

    P.S. And you know me, I agree about how Monday SUCKS!

  6. I have nothing against Mondays personally. But this particular Monday kinda sucks. I can relate to #5.

    Tag accomplished! Thanks for thinking of me. :-) Hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. Tag accomplished, thanks for dragging me out of my sick funk. I love to sing to any and all musicals by myself or with people. There is quite a cadre of folk that will get together and tear up some Oliver!

  8. I had a crazy fear of getting rid of my books too. But then I needed money, so I sold the ones I'd read to used book stores. That's an acceptable home, I'd decided.

  9. Have you got a song for me?

    How about something by Hall and Oats? ;)


  10. I've heard of dental floss and even butt floss, but what on Earth is candy floss?

  11. MerapuMan - Ok will look out for it

    JR - You like working? you like working at all? that's so wrong

    K - You and I have sung along to the "Anastasia" soundtrack when we thought no one else could hear so you too are guilty of 4.

    Shionge - Your the only person on earth who thinks I'm cool, I like you even more now!

    Odat - I would have tagged you but you already did a great list.

    Lizza - looking forward to yours :-)

    Natalie - Your a girl aftermy own heart, Oliver! it one of the best to sing to

    Bird on a Wire - Your a stronger person then me, I'd be in the shop checking if they'd sold and then I'd feel bad for the ones that didn't!

    Steve - Yup But I'm not telling you what it is :-p

    Mist - Candy floss is the food of Gods, its spun pink (or other colours but pink is best) sugar, the melts in your mouth to create a sensational eating experience.

  12. Candy floss is cotton candy to those on the other side of the pond.
    I think there are a few things missing from this list, but i won't divulge!

  13. Oh god, I didn't notice this yesterday. I'm going through a phase where I just can't bring myself to post on my blog and respond to emails. I will get around to it eventually, promise! The theme song thing is a litttle strange :)

  14. great weird things. I am totally that way about books too! I constantly buy them and I don't give them away unless I don't really care for them or I have read them a million times... and even then it's iffy. haha


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