Work mates

I've blog a few times about how work can be 1.Painful and 2. Boring the result is complete insanity as a means of coping.

Sometimes I feel that Dilbert understands me best.


  1. I absolutely agree, went on a complete ant for about an hour with my sister last night about how incompetent the person I work with is

    The job is boring, therefore work is good, but there is no balance hence you either have no work, or you have so many deadlines that to meet them you need to work, sleep and eat in the office for the next 2 weeks.
    Of course there are also the people that do nothing but use the office as a base for their social life and yatter away about stupid things, the most hilarious bit is them trying to talk to you or ask really stupid questions when you are trying to meet ten thousand deadlines.
    For example, I asked XXXXX to make an appointment yesterday for a colleague, I ask them the progress the next day, not expecting them to have down but to tell me when they are going to do it.
    XXXXX “you told me?”
    Me “Yes I did, please could you sort it out then. The reason I am asking you to do this is because you have done it previously”
    XXXXX (looking confused) “I did”
    Me Yes when YYYYY first joined
    XXXXX (with doubt on face) “OK”
    Me “Great thanks”
    By the way she has definitely done it before, I am not making it up
    4 hours later
    XXXXX “so did you make the appointment”
    Me “No I have not done anything, that was what I was asking you do!!!!!!”

    Sorry for the rant

  2. In the prison where I work, an employee held the personnel department hostage. What kind of message does that send the inmates in our charges? Also, we have staff that refuse to deal with their coworkers. I'll confess, I'm one of them. Another teacher tried to get me to swing on him, but I refused to, stating that he wasn't worth my time. The inmates loved the drama. Divide and conquer.

  3. i hear ya. it's the painful; part that's so surprising, IMO.

  4. That cartoon says it perfectly! lol.
    Altho I like where I work and what I do, I do not necessarily care for what my coworkers go on and on about sometimes... I think they talk just for the sake of talking..they don't really say anything.

  5. I know how you feel. Reading Dilbert is almost therapeutic for me because it helps to know that this frustration is universal. The movie "Office Space" is a great depiction of the same idea as well.

  6. I feel the same way. Sometimes your coworkers can be so enjoyable... then they make the mistake of talking... that makes for a long day! haha!

  7. Sometimes, I wish that I had coworkers to talk to. But that would mean that I'd have to get a job.

  8. I just was emailing my best friend about that same thing. I am happy at work about four to six days of th emonth when i am teaching my customer service class. Otherwise I am bored. I am also not at all challenged. They also took my dream job away because the program was closing and then opened it up again and didn't tell me. I think they thought i didn't like it. They could have asked.

  9. I like the most of the people I work with. However there are a few that I can't for the life of me figure out how they actually got hired in. Also I can't firgure out why the hell they haven't been fired yet.

  10. I'm so lucky I get to work from home most of the time...hang in there.

  11. I love this. I borrowed it to send to my co-workers. I wonder if they'll take the hint. :)


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