White Shores and Beyond

I was watching Planet Earth the other night, a series which I think is fantastic. The episode was all about the Great Plains and the mass migrations the animals take to get to/from them. This of course got me thinking about early humans.

We (humanity) used to live in Nomadic tribes (some people still do), until we started settling down in fertile areas and slowly turned from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agricultural one, leading to the earliest permanent settlements and eventually villages, towns etc the whole civilisation stuff. I could spend hours recounting how civilisation got started and even longer yapping about ancient history but better scholars have already handled that.

There we were for thousands of years going from place to place, following the seasons and the animals, living rather peacefully with the earth. So I ask, is this lifestyle totally gone from the people living in industrialised countries? Are we now so different?

The urge to move on to new places, travel the world is still there. How many people do you know who actually want to say in their hometown their whole life and never leave compared to the billions who'd love to see the world?

Most people I know given the chance and money would pack in their jobs and travel to exotic distant lands. Thousands of people take time out of their lives to go backpacking for months at a time not to mention the holiday industry.

But why do it, we have food, shelter, water and all the resources we could want in our own corner of the globe. The Internet and TV and show and tell you all about other places and people. So why the desire to go out and visit these far away countries? We even go to ones that aren't very different to our own?

I think buried deep down we all still have the desire to move on to greener pastures and experience the beauty and diversity of the world with our own eyes.


  1. Once you catch the travel bug, you do have an erge to leave the country on a regular basis away from work life. At least that was the case for me.

    Pretty pic near the end.

  2. I think buried deep down we all still have the desire to move on to greener pastures and experience the beauty and diversity of the world with our own eyes.

    Or perhaps to get back to our roots, to a simpler time. Modern civilization is a mixed blessing, and I often think we're much worse off for it.

    Nice post!

  3. I Love planet Earth. One oft he best things on television.


  4. So why the desire to go out and visit these far away countries? (1) is becos experience is the best education. (2) for bragging rights :D

  5. I think the reason for travel, at least for me, is to get away from the everyday stresses of life and go somewhere just to slow down and enjoy the world around you.

  6. I like to travel to get away from civilization, but that's not easy to do anymore...
    Anyone for going to the moon with me????? ;-)

  7. My wife's the hunter and the gatherer. But we'd both like to do more traveling.

  8. I love watching Planet Earth, or at least I loved the first episode.. the rest I've recorded and haven't yet gotten around to watching them (too much Joan of Arcadia)

  9. That's the wanderlust within us always wanting and waiting for a fresh adventure to excite our spirit. It's not necessarily a bad thing for it opens us up to new discoveries and learnings.

    Hope you're having a good weekend! =)

  10. I too think we all have an inner urge to travel. Fortunately we don't follow the seasons or the animals anymore because it would just be that much more land our 'civilization' would ruin.

  11. Someone commented to me that all of my stories involve travelling and journeys and such. It has never occurred for me NOT to include them. Staying in one place makes for a dull tale in my mind. I prefer to mirror the journey of a character's growth and change through a novel with a physical journey between destinations.

    Stop by and say hello

  12. Being in one place for too long breeds familiarity, and does not promote growth. The catalyst for personal growth is in meeting challenges, which is often the result of moving into new situations and discovering new adventures on life's journey.


  13. The Army makes for a great travel agent. Although they tend to pick the opposite places of where I would like to be.


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