Where is the "any" key?

To those of you who are American Happy Thanks Giving :-)

Yesterday, was so boring, hence my long rant about history but this made me giggle. I got a call from someone over in Marketing. I don't really have to deal with marketing very often, every now and again I send them copies of the Quark files of our book covers (I work in publishing in case your wondering). So I'm a little surprised but it could be anything.

"Hi Falcon its me, I'm just having some trouble opening the files I asked you to send me"

"Hi, what seems to be the problem"

"They just won't open"

"Do you mean the Quark files or the images?"

"The quark files"

"Ok, are you looking at the folder the files are in?"


"Can you open up the folder in window explorer"

"um hold on....Where is windows explorer?"

After directing him (the marketing manager) to windows explorer and the correct folder

"do the files have their extensions? or list the programme type?"


"Ok add .qxd on to the file you are trying to open and then open the file"


"it didn't open"

(Now I start to racking my brain, file is present, file extension is present, whats missing why...why won't it open...I tested them before I sent them, maybe he has an older version of the programme...could be so many thing, please don't make me go over there...)

"Ok, now right click on the file and select open with, a dialogue box with a list of programmes should appear"

"Got the box"

"Select Quark Xpress and click OK"

"Quark isn't listed, there is Excel, Acrobat...."

"That's strange the programme should be on the list...um wait, I'm assuming you do have Quark installed on your PC, don't you?"

"No, is that going to be a problem?"


  1. At least you don't get calls like that from people who are suppose to be world class scientists!!!!

  2. Hahahaha! I'm not too computer savvy, but I hope I'm not that bad. :-)

  3. That stuff happens all the time, it is quite funny....I was lucky enough when I first got a computer that I had lots of friends that were ultra savvy. Sure they all laughed at my stupidity for the first few months but they got me through it. Ahhh friends.

  4. at least he knows what is right click. I'm currently working with some production workers who some of them never use a pc b4. they dont even know what i meant when i said double click the mouse.

  5. That is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen. That made my Thanksgiving Day, Thankyou. Even though you's don't celebrate over there, Happy Thanksgiving Day.

  6. I love your Thanksgiving picture. :)


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