We (people in my office and I) got in to a discussion about advertising. Which TV ads were memorable or just really cool and which ones really bugged us. At the moment the Frosties kid singing "Its Going to be Great" is topping the list of adverts which must be destroyed, while the ad with the millions of bouncy balls coming down a San Francisco street (still don't remember what it was for) is winning in the ideas department. All in all I HATE adverts they but me but they serve their purpose, we’ve all watched some ad at sometime and gone 'ohhh I really should get/try that'.
There is but one exception to this rule, the only adverts I'm willing to forgive for sheer genius are… the Jerry Seinfeld conversations with Superman. I think they were for a credit card I forget which one but you can down load them here.
If you haven't seen them before take a few minuets sit back and enjoy, these aren't adverts they just brilliant entertainment.

Oh Yes Wyoming!

***Fact of the Day*** 1604 - Shakespeare's Othello was preformed for the first time


  1. I completely agree with you about the like and hate. I think the SF one was for a plasma TV or a camera, either way I stil randomly think about it.


  2. Seinfeld is my all time favorite. So you call them adverts? cool..we call them commercials here and yes, we all could do without the silliness and stupidity of them all. But once in a while there are some that are priceless. Thanks for sharing this. I'll come back later when I"m at work and watch it

  3. I remember those Clara Pellar commercials for Wendy's fastfood chain. "Where's the beef?" Simple, but smart.

  4. I always liked the one with the squirrel doing the obstacle course with the mission impossible theme in the background.
    Although those Seinfeld/Superman ones are bloody funny.

  5. I haven't seen the Seinfeld/Superman ones, but they sound funny. I also enjoy the one (I think it's for cereal) where the wart-covered lady with a mustache asks the milkman to join her for breakfast. As for commercials that should be destroye, I have 3 words: Taco Bell Chihuahua

  6. I LOVE those stupid Geico commercials.

    The most recent one with the caveman in the airport...

    That cracks me up every time...


  7. I adored this claymation levi's commercial about a guy escaping from somewhere and Shabba's Mr. Lover Lover song on in the background. Unfortunately, only my sister and I seem to remember it.

  8. Natalie, that was an awesome ad!

  9. I've always loved the one with cat herding. It's on you tube.

  10. I enjoyed those, thanks for posting the link.


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