Voyage to the bottom of the Sea

When I was a kid I remember watch a cartoon called Sealab 2020, According to my mum I'd get up for Spider-man and his Amazing friends, eat breakfast and lightning speed and be back in front of the TV for Sealab. In all honesty if I watched it now it would probably be awful.

So when SeaQuest DSV hit the air I was enthralled it was like Star Trek but underwater! They had a dolphin that could talk (Darwin) and a kid genius (which is mandatory). Plus the guy from Jaws, what more could anyone ask for.

E and I have been re-watching all the episodes and I begin to see that Lucas was a far more believable teenage then Wesley Crusher, but that's just the geek in me coming out. OK so the visual effect haven't really withstood the test of time and Season 3 isn't fantastic but it got me dreaming. I mean the Ocean is incredible and so vast, we are still discovering so much more about it everyday like this bizarre new creature found in New Zealand. Who knows what else is out there beneath the waves...

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  1. :) i still remember seaquest but when i think about it, i cant find a reason why i like it at the 1st place. maybe when u were a kid, everything new is 'wow' to you.

  2. SeaQuest??? SEAQUEST?!?!?!?!? I thought that we'd been watching Galaxy Quest!

  3. A bizarre new creature was found in New Zealand?

    I had no idea Al Gore was visiting.

  4. sounds great, altho I've never heard of it, have I? I have to go thru the cobwebs of my mind to find it if I

  5. Talking dolphins sound cool! Much better than the creepy new sea creatures from New Zealand. :)

  6. Have you seen the "remade" SeaLab that showed on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block called SeaLab 2021? Hilarious stuff, and available on DVD. If you used to watch the original cartoon, you'll find it even funnier. Seriously, you'll pee yourself.



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