Things to do...get paper

I hate November in fact it's a contest between November and February for which month is the most depressing. December has x-mas which to me is fantastic as we get a week off and January usually whizzes by quick enough but November and February drag. Over in the States your lucky as Thanks Giving holds off the Christmas insanity and makes November less awful.

My husband hates x-mas but I was thinking about how depressing winter would without it. In the UK its freezing from November to early March if we didn't have x-mas to break it up, the long darkness would seem endless. It's almost like they planned it as a distraction technique, cos unlike popular belief suicides actually decrease in winter. We could go down the route to say Christmas just replaced the Winter Solstices festival which apparently served the same function etc but lets not get caught up in the details. Whatever the background and history, I might not be Christian but I like Christmas. I know its not fashionable to admit. As it gets closer people are in a better mood, I know it wastes electricity but I love fairy lights and pine cones and even awful x-mas movies. We all like to moan about the horrendous adverts and novelty crap but it wouldn't be the same without it.

Anyway I'm rather glad that we only have to endure one more Monday in November before we get to the December count down but to pass the time in these Long winter nights, I have 7 things you can do with paper!

1. Take up Origami
2. Write letters to people you can't be bothered to talk to
3. Hibernate (OK you don't need paper for this making it even easier!)
4. Use paper planes as your only method of communication.
5. Make your own x-mas decorations and cards (saving money, wasting time, a double treat)
6. Screw up the paper into balls and start throwing them at people who wonder past your flat/house making too much noise.
7. Write a letter of resignation to your boss, from the person who irritates you the most.

(3 is my favorite)


  1. I love choice number seven, and I believe it's a nice way to reduce stress. Happy NonThanksgiving!

  2. I'm glad for your sake that November is almost over. (Though personally, I like the months that end in -ber, and February too!)

    I also like number 3 on your list. Now I'm feeling sleepy.

  3. I am for choice number 1

  4. I like 3 and 6! But you will need paper for No. 3: Toilet Paper!!!


  5. I'm tempted to do 7 for one guy in my office!

  6. You forgot the ability to use paper to wipe your ass. ;)


  7. I am a big fan of number 3!!!

  8. Hibernating rules! ;)

    Is it really true that suicide rates are lower in the winter? I wonder if that's because folks have frozen to death! Ouch! What a morbid thought.


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