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Normally Tuesdays are long boring days, the weekend is too far away and your still recovering from Monday. Today my colleague got an e-mail from someone she'd never met.

After a few lines into reading I heard her announce "Oh No the poor thing". A girl had sent her a message, a rather personal message and seemed to be asking her out (we assume), except it wasn't meant for her it was meant for a guy with the same first name.

Alas I can't remember the whole thing but the words "I don't know you very well" and "I'm not a monster, I'm just shy" were used. My colleague replied with a simple "I don't think this was meant for me" and left it at that cos nothing she could say would make it any less embarrassing. The point, check and double check before you e-mail someone you don't know. In the mean while I have cartoons...

***News of the Day***
- Chicago so safe the police have decided to save the environment
- If you've just committed grand theft and are very fond of music but a CD
- Problem with Darwin's survival of the fittest, Dumb Luck
- Whats wrong with this phrase: Open Prison....

***Link of the Day***
This is toooooo cute!


  1. Ha ha!! That animals site is disgusting! The Tiger should be mauling the piglets to death! Shame on you Tiger!

  2. I agree with E, exactly what I was thinking.

    Feel tremendously sorry for the girl, it takes quite a bit to write such a thing and send it. She doesn't by any chance work in the same company does she?

  3. How embarrassing. Maybe email is not the best place to ask somebody out...

    Really funny cartoon, by the way.

  4. An oops E mail huh??? That's so embarassing! I've done that..but not asking someone in work...and I work with very confidential documents...but the person I sent it to knows just forwards them to the right
    Those animal pics are sooooooo cute!

  5. I feel bad for the girl with the wrong e-mail address, how embarassing. Funny cartoon.

  6. that is such a funny comic! I love coming to your blog and seeing them. It makes me smile no matter how bad of a day I've been having!

  7. I've also sent the wrong person an inter office e-mail. Nothing romantic but very grown up language was used to express my outrage over a football game that I watched the night before.

    Very unprofessional, I know.


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