Pan's Labyrinth

Movies have been rather slow this year, Don't get me wrong I was expecting so much more, but both X-men 3 and Superman Returns managed to disappoint even the most die hard comic fan in me and the Bond, though good I still wouldn't buy on DVD. That's really the benchmark isn't it, would you buy it? Though there were two exceptions, Good Night and Good Luck and Brick. Thanks goodness it seems to be picking up towards Christmas with The Prestige and a few other more interesting choices, but if you only have time for one movie for the rest of this year go and see Pan's Labyrinth.

I had my reservations about the film as its written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, the guy who did HellBoy (which was OK I guess but only if your a sci-fi fan like myself) So I wasn't holding my breath for the movie to be particularly good. About 10 mins in, all my preconceptions are gone. Its 1944 in post civil war Spain, we follow a little girl named Ofelia as she moves to a country mill with her expecting mother and evil Step father. Even though she is surrounded by horrific events Ofelia escapes to find the Ancient Labyrinth and much more besides...I don't want to give away anything So I'll leave it there but I must warn you, there were a few scenes when I couldn't watch (so don't take the kids to this one).


  1. I'll check it out. On the other hand, you liked "Good Night and Good Luck"? Am I thinking of the right movie because I couldn't get through it without falling asleep.

  2. I liked "Good night". Sure, it may not have been a rollercoaster ride, but it's great to see a movie made not only to entertain, but also to press apoint, and to me the point was 'It's our responsibility.'
    Thanks for your comments!

  3. x-men 2 was better and superman returns turn out to be alove stroy? yuks.

    btw, will this be in English?

  4. JR - I few people said that to me But I still think it was interesting really got me thinking unlike most of this years films that failed to be more interesting then my popcorn.

    Merapuman - sorry I should have said the movie is in spanish, but subtitled in English and I 'm sure a few other languages depending on where you see it :-)

  5. You're right, whether you would buy the movie on DVD is the benchmark. You weren't so fond of Casino Royale? I am about as big a Bond fan as there is (just ask all my coworkers every time my cell phone rings to the beginning of the Bond theme)and I liked it.

    I twas a departure from other Bond movies with no gadgets and the love story though, but I think he might just make it as 007. I got a treat over the weekend as one our our cable networks showed Bond films all weekend. I styed up late watching 'Thunderball' last night and now will be late for work ;-)

    Have a great day!

  6. I've been looking forward to seeing this flick for a LONG time now.


  7. I really liked Good Night and Good Luck also. I fell asleep a little but it was like 2am and I eagerly woke to watch what I missed. Pan's Labyrinth looks awesome.

  8. You're right, "Would I buy it?" is a perfect way to judge films. Though I haven't been impressed by too much in the theaters this year, I loved "The Departed," and I will be purchasing that one as soon as it is released on DVD. This one's definitely not for kids or the squeamish, though.

    "Pan's Labyrinth" does sound good, and I still need to rent "Brick."

  9. Haven't seen any good films yet this year. This one sounds good though.

  10. Michael C- I liked the new Bond, but Eva Greens bizzare accent bugged me and I just like some of the older Bonds more, though it certainly made up for Die Another Day.

    Bird on a wire - I was going to see the departed but I want to see "Internal Affairs" the Hong Kong original first, I have it on good authority that it excellent.

    Laura - definatly not enough good movies this year even the ones based on good books didn't really cut it...though I'm still undecided on Black Dahlia.

  11. Oohh, this movie sounds very interesting. Thanks for writing about it!

    I'm a sucker for love stories, so I must admit to liking Superman Returns and X-Men 3.

    (hangs head in shame)


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