One of the best things about not having to come to work is silence when eating. Especially when your treating yourself to something naughty like doughnuts or heavens forbid bread.

When I was fasting I don't think I went a single day without someone saying 'How can you not eat, don't you feel hungry?' I had to refrain from replying with sarcasm.

I had one boss (who thought he was a nutritionist) who told me to stop eating so much bread (I had a tuna sandwhich), whilst he was holding a McDonald's bag and milkshake.

If your in a canteen or cafe etc your normally safe, people enquire as to what your ordering and if it's nice, which are perfectly fine questions. It's when your heating something up/preparing to eat at work, that the real twits come out. People you've never met before feel the need to advise you...

'I wouldn't eat that'
'That's a rather large portion'
'You should eat a proper meal' (often said when I'm eating cake)
'Don't you find that too rich for lunch?'
'That's not very good for you, you'll regret it' (once again with the cake)
'Bread is full of carbs'

Now what I want to say is 'Excuse me but I wasn't asking and I'll eat what I bloody well please'. but it comes out like this 'uh-huh'...not quite the same kick to it...

***News of the Day***
- I've been known to yap about my love of Popcorn but I am in no way as crazy as these loons...

- Could Steve Austin be on the way for less then 6 million dollars or did Asimov beat him here?


  1. 'Bread is full of carbs.'


  2. It's funny to me that someone will order a greasy burger, huge thing of french fries and then get a DIET coke. They really aren't saving any calories...it's pretty funny.

    Corduroy scars me. I'm always afraid that the friction will start a fire that will consume me!

  3. Some people say avoid seafood, too much cholesterol but my problem is 'see'food. just cant resist. btw, i've link you.

  4. Fuck the food haters.

    Eat what you want, I'll eat what I want...leave me alone, that's my motto.

    Actually, leave me alone is my motto in pretty mucha ll aspects of life...

    I'm a somewhat jaded human being. ;)


  5. haha don't you just love when people give you advice that they don't follow themselves?

  6. That story about your boss cracked me up. My girlfriend discovered somewhere the benefits of fasting for four days. "We should try it!" she suggest.
    I don't think so. Maybe tennis?

  7. Oh I have the same problem here!!

  8. They might mean well, but maybe they could say it in another way or improve their sense of timing? The bastards.

    Corduroy fanatics are scary...so is that robot clone!

  9. In my world, I hear all those annoying comments about food from only one source: my mother. Bwahaha! ;p

  10. Due to the latest flunctuation in the United States currency, the Six Million Dollar man is now worth $5.6 Million.


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