Knight to B4

Chess Players are to be tested for drugs. No I'm not making it up but if they find a drug that gives you an edge on the chess board I want to know what it is.

I mean will caffeine be contraband in this area cause it lets you stay up playing for longer? I can see them banning the RedBull already and barring the 12year old genius from Starbucks,
"No Timmy it gives you an unfair advantage, don't drink it!".

I mean if the person is smoking Weed and manages to win the match I think they should give him double points, its only fair. If he wins after taking LCD he should be declared world champion.

I'm actually a pretty good chess player, yes I was the geek with the chess board and a deck of cards that people laughed at but I didn't care then and I don't now. I Love the game because it gets me thinking but I really don't consider it a sport so why are they testing for drugs? Perhaps its the idea of "altering" your mind, but how can they object to someone putting themselves at a disadvantage. Can you imagine if they did this to everyone who entered the World Poker Championship?
Disclaimer: The gloves are still on so please excuse the insanity that might have poured into this post.


  1. I LOVE the idea of 'LSD Chess'! Should be a new sport!

  2. Haha, that's crazy. I'm no good at chess, tell me if you ever learn about any drugs to help me improve my game.

  3. Good point! They should win double if they're under the influence.

  4. wow..that's crazy.....I used to play chess with my brother when we were much younger....he was very good and taught me a few things...but I really havent' played a good game in a long time!

  5. Chess players are so crazy. I used to get the best sh*t from Bobby Fischer until he skipped town.

  6. seriously? Drugs... what the hell are chess players taking drugs for? I thought taking drugs would... I dunno... make you not be able to think clearly. Oh well. haha

  7. I've been on drugs for quite some time now (for kidney stones) and I can honestly tell you, it doesn't make me any sharper.

  8. OMG I read the article and it suggests they are doing the drug testing because they want to try to elevate chess to an Olympic sport! Like you said in your post, chess (while challenging on the brain) is not a sport, for goodness sakes.


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