In praise of Water

I think water is incredible for about a billions reasons. We have life timing in the the oceans, vegetation brought forth but simple rain and a zillion other things. Some of these is easier to see then others.

The Grand Canyon was made by a great river which cut into the earth and thousands of years later we can see the result.

A team of archaeologists recently found the biggest cave in Britain (see here). I think cave systems are fascinating and at times regret sticking with academic history rather then going into archeology. The most incredible cave system I've ever seen in real life was in a Spanish town called Nerja (Nerja Caves).

I don't think pictures can really do places like this justice, to think something so simple as water has given the world so much. I don't mean just caves, you couldn't have life on earth without water (including us). Water shapes our world and defines it.

On the Cave note, another amazing cave system, this time thanks to gypsum and lemon-yellow sulfur brought to my attention cos of David Attenborough's series 'Planet Earth' is the Lechuguilla Caves In New Mexico (USA).

These are so beautiful, they are beyond any work of art I've ever seen. Our world is full of wondrous things, isn't it time we took care of it?

"A Waterfall begins with just a few drops of water and look what comes from that" - Bryce Courtney


  1. water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

  2. I am a big fan of water. I am named after water (damn, hippie parents).

  3. but it's getting dirtier. look at some of the rivers. industries r polluting them.

  4. I love water so much. I would prefer to drink water than just about anything, unless at a bar. Water also is incredibly powerful in both creation and destruction. I am surprised there aren't more water cults around. Or maybe there are and I just don't know about them.

  5. Eh...I don't know...I have mixed feelings about water...

    I's no fun to be wet, and stuff...

    Especally on a breezy day. ;)


  6. These pictures are so beautiful. I recently went to the Mammoth Caves and they are so pretty. I hope to go back soon so I can visit more caves. There is something about mother nature that just amazes me sometimes.

  7. Awesome pics....
    I did a cross country trip here in the States and tried to visit a lot them. ..Each one amazed me thinking of how they were formed.
    Thanks for sharing those pics!!!

  8. Great pictures (even though I am actually afraid of caves and would never go in one!).

  9. Water is amazing and I have never had a drink that tasted as good a really cold and fresh glass of water - of course my doctor's won't let me drink alcohol ;-)

    Maybe one day we'll find the Batcave - I know it makes me sound stupid, but I love to go spelunking in it ;-)

  10. But isn't it appalling that we have to bloody well PAY for it. Buying water with the Coco-Cola stamp emblazoned upon it grates. ]

    It's not right is it!

  11. I live in N.M. and I've never even heard of Lechuguilla, but I'm fascinated by Carlsbad Caverns (another popular, gorgeous cave system in my state). I'll have to look up Lechuguilla. Great pictures, by the way.


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