Holy yellow metal batman, they've read the Bible

Friday's here! I would run around singing about it, but I'm sure your all blissfully aware the joyous day is here. Unfortunately its winter so the sun will set at 4:30pm and the world will descend in a icy cold darkness.

A strange thing happens to me in winter, I become a Weetabix hog. There is nothing in the universe that compares to a nice warm bowl of Weetabix in the morning, with just the correct about of sugar melted in when you've come in from the cold. This might sound normal but I get very very cranky if I don't have my morning fix. Last winter I left a box here at work (cos I get in at 7:30 I have breakfast at work) with my name on it in HUGE black script.

Every morning at 8:30 off I'd go to make my cereal and cheer me up, as our office is far too cold. Until one day in I went, starving and dying for a meal, got my bowl and the right spoon, picked up my box of Weetabix from the cereal shelf and went to fill my bowl but the box was empty.

My freshly bought box was empty and the bastard who stole my cereal had put the empty box back on the shelf to thoroughly piss me off.

My blood started the boil, I wanted to scream and I admit, hurt someone. But realised how insane I would seem screaming "who the f*** stole my cereal!!!"

Figuring out I'd have to wait to lunch to eat I did the only thing I could, I wrote a mean note. In fact I wrote several notes until I managed to write one without swearing and Posted it on the cereal shelf for all to see. There is an art to writing a mean note that says 'I want you to die', but in a polite way.

Last time I checked there was an unwritten rule, if it has your name on it, its not to be nicked. This doesn't apply at University cos there is always some cheap idiot who raids your fridge and takes what they want. I used to dye my milk green to prevent this from happening and as lovely as green milk is for some reason they never stole it.

Now being that I work in an office with grown up people you'd think this sort of thing wouldn't happen, but it does and there is nothing you can do about it. Of course I never found out who the Weetabix stealing scavenger was but people were scared of me for a whole day.

This year my weetabix is staying in my drawer away from thieving hands, but one day I'm going to catch them and make em pay...for a new box of cereal

***Fact of the Day*** 1957 - The Sputnik 2 spacecraft was launched, carrying Laika the Russian space dog as the first living being to orbit the Earth.

***Funny news for the day*** I was surfing Fark this morning and came across this link to amazon about the Bible, scroll down and read the reviews! On a slightly related note, if you need to make money and enjoy pretending to be a preist head over to Japan.


  1. Those reviews are hilarious!!

  2. I can just imagine your frustration; I hope the bastard who stole your cereal gets payback big time. :-)

    Laughed at the Bible reviews and the fake priests in Japan!

  3. Speaking of Weetabix, Elliot had that for breakfast this morning, and I got to see it TWICE. It wasn't pleasant, and I won't be having it anytime soon for my breakfast...

  4. Your Weetabix sounds exactly like Shredded Wheat. At least that's what it's called in the States. Your lunch routine could be worse at work. We have inmate porters wandering around our lunch area doing God knows what.

  5. Weetabix?

    Can I get that here? I am infatuated now.

  6. I hate when that happens! Leave something there for them to steal and put hot pepper in it...!

  7. Ah the joys of the weekend. Since I watch kids monday thru friday I ALWAYS look forward to the weekend. I get go sleep in and not hear the sound of children crying! hehehe

  8. The word Weetabix...

    This word will not leave my head for days.... ;)


  9. I know how you feel. That has happened to me a few times at work. I now hide my stuff away. They have to search the place to find my food.

  10. I have no idea what this Weetabix is, but after the commotion it caused I definitely want some.

  11. Great post! We have a similar problem in our office. SOme idiot likes to pour the last cup of coffee (it's a metal carafe so you can't see how much is left when you pick it up) and just put it back. I'm usually the one who picks it up and pours to find it's empty. Maybe I'll spike it with something someday and find out who the culprit is!!

  12. Weetabix looks like a kitchen sponge. Please say it isn't.

  13. Um, yeah, I think Weetabix is an English thing. Can't see that it would catch on big over here, unless maybe if you could make it pink and double frost it. Then it might work as a US breakfast cereal. :)


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