Cellular Memory

I was reading this article
today on Cellular memory. The theory is that the cells in the body can
retain parts of your personality and this can be passed through organ
donation. The question I have, is how far it this biological or

The Scientific community have found no real evidence and put this phenomena down to nothing more then coincidence and psychological influences.

But it does beg a lot of question, are we just genetic material that can be
passed on or are we something more. I mean what really makes you who
you are, is it physical orincorporeal?

Does the idea of cellular memory discount the idea of a soul?

I don't have any answers, personally i find it bizarre but it does make me think...


  1. It is pretty silly I think. Understanding what a cell is, and what a memory is, leads one to logically conclude that cells will not hold a memory. The brain does that. When a person makes a claim, they need to back it up with some logical argument or facts. Even without facts, calling this just a wild idea (which is fine), you need to start to think about the mechanics behind your idea. And no one has that.

    We are not just a bunch of dumb cells. The brain is an incredible, complex organ. That is where we are, that is where we are located. And a kidney has nothing to do with that. While there is no such thing as a soul, the idea of self does reside in the brain.

    This bothers me because more and more, people do not have the science education (partially the fault of society) to understand half of the science that goes on theses days. Most people dont have the science to even function fully in the space age. I think that is a big problem. People decide they are for or against stem cells, or cloning, or assisted suicide. But they base this not on an understanding of the science or the topics, but based on a gut feeling (or worse, the bible).

    What can I say, it hurts to hear crazy talk from people who didnt take the time and invest the effort to learn science first like I have. Same as Morgellons disease, same as bigfoot, same as UFOs and the 911 conspiracy.

  2. I hope that's not true. I'm an organ donor. I feel sorry for the people who get my organs if cellular memory is a reality. Hopefully, the recipients of my organs will have the ability to block stuff out like I can.

  3. I read something similar to this; a donee "inherited" some of the donor's weird taste in food. Weird, isn't it?

  4. Gives one something to think about for sure. Our cells maintain our dna which in turn is what makes us us. therefore, us is our cells!

  5. I can see some validity to the claim mostly because, like odat said, cells contain DNA. Then again, DNA doesn't have everything to do with what truly makes someone who they are. Experience has a lot to do with that. I am a firm believer in muscle memory though. Like you do something enough and your muscles remember how to do it so even if you haven't done it in a long time it's not hard. Like bike riding I suppose.

  6. And the more you think about it, the stranger it becomes and the harder it is to get your head around...

  7. Interesting concept, but I'm fairly convinced that it's a matter of coincidence. Still, it's fascinating to think of personalities as being transmittable like a diseases.

  8. It is very interesting but I am going to have to put it to coincidence as well. Something to ponder over though....

  9. Oh man...this is WAYYY to much thought for me on a Monday morning. ;)

    I haven't even showered yet.


  10. If it is true that humans just consist of genetic material, would it be possible to assemble a "superhuman" aka the 6 million dollar man (using the top genetic characteristics from a stored archive)? Very interesting to consider, but I certainly would not have any qualifications or knowledge to presume to have an opinion...


  11. I think it make a lot of sense. DNA is powerful stuff. I used to donate blood alot. I wonder now if there are a bunch of people who are wandering around with an irrational fear of insects.

    Sara :)

  12. I'm just glad I got an artificial heart valve as opposed to a pig or cow one. If that DNA could be passed on, I would have been in big time trouble!

  13. You right far too much for a monday

    R2k - didn't mean to upset you. My husband is a biochemist and explained to me why its imposible but I still think its interesting.

  14. Interesting concept. Gets one to start thinking this post does.


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