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It was their years I supped upon to feed my own, and their blood I used to quench the sword. I still thought of humans as I thought of other animals then, and felt nothing for their tears and cries. I did not realise that as I bound the power of river, swifts and Stone into the metal, I also filled the sword with sorrow and the despair of death. They called the sword Excalibur and it seemed everything they had asked for.

From Across the Wall by Garth Nix.

It was published over here on Monday and I've been dying to read it. Those of you who haven't read the Abhorsen Trilogy have no idea what your missing, go out and get Sabriel, you won't regret it.

Why am I doing this instead of writing my own material, blame Parlancheq

The instructions were:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next 4 sentences and these instructions.
5. Tag 5 other unsuspecting bloggers.

I'm re-reading my King Arthur Books as well, after watching The Mighty (which is a really fantastic little movie) but the Old kingdom is more exciting! Tagging five people is all well and good but I've no idea if they'll do it...I can hope if your in the mood and have a book handy go ahead :-)


  1. Interesting book you grabbed, Shadow Falcon! It sounds like a fascinating read. c",)

  2. I just may check that out.


  3. Yes I know what beats, chocolate, chocolate on someone's mouth, never had that flavor now that I think about it...

    Madpotter cute clay thing, you are such an ass sometimes, no one EVER insulted me as much, do you hate me? Stop being such immature and scared thing. I've done nothing wrong to you. What do you want? Learn how to control yourself. I think you are nice inside, but please drop it now. I will not go the same way, I'll never want to hurt you bcs I really think you are a nice person but you need to get it together and stop acting from fear.

    When you do these things I lose respect for you actually.

  4. I've been looking for something new to read (I always end up grabbing some Vonnegut). I'll have to check this on out.

  5. how long does it take a book to come out in the US once it is released in Britain? I love the author Mark Billingham and I am still waiting for his fifth book Lifeless in the detective Tom Thorne series to come out in the US. UGH!! the frustration! Sometimes I wish I could just hope a flight to England and buy the books I want when they come out... ah to dream!

  6. I'm with Bird. I always gravitate toward Vonnegut.

  7. I so badly want to read Across the Wall. But I'm broke, waaaaaaaaaah!

  8. I thought that book cover looked familiar...checked the bookcase and, yep, my kids have all the books of the trilogy you mentioned! I've never read them, so guess I'll have to check them out.

  9. I like the option of allowing someone to tag me. I just might try this.


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