Animals running the Asylum

I'm still humming Somewhere over the Rainbow and thus am in a pretty good mood despite it being Wednesday and me being late for work this morning. When I'm running late I take the tube rather then the bus, this isn't always the best idea. I find that Tube turns me into an angry person, I get edgy if the train isn't there within 3mins (Though I'll wait 10mins for a bus) and start to get annoyed with all my fellow commuter for their bizarre ways.

For example why o why must the person sitting next to you reading the broadsheet newspaper insist on elbowing you every time they turn the page? (Lets ignore that they are tyring to read something the size of a small child). Why do the people who are standing insist on stepping on your toes even when there is tonnes of room in the carriage and Why is that woman reading a guide to Rome and looking out the window for landmarks? But then their are the one that make me giggle in an evil I shouldn't laugh sort of way, like the yappers. Despite the fact each station is labelled and many of the trains tell you what each and every stop is called...

Idiot: Yap yap yap (15 mins later)
The Friend: Which stop do we need
Friend: K
Both start to read the line map
Friend: Which Stop is this?
Idiot: I think its Y
Friend: Does that mean our station was the next one or the last one?
Idiot: I don't know
Train voice: The Next Stop is Z where this train terminates
Friend: Oh no we've missed the stop
Idiot: Are you sure?

***News of the Day***
- Panda Poo anyone?
- Drunken Elk in need of Rehab
- You can Milk a Camel!


  1. Like the pic by the way.

    I know what you mean, its the one that do ot have a newspaper but insist on taking up room anyway that bugs me too.

    The yapers yes sometimes are funny

    Hopefully after all that hassle you got into work on time

    Have a nice day

  2. Am cracking up at the woman with the guide to Rome. Why do I want to wander around the streets here asking for directions to the Pantheon?

  3. K -yep I just made it in!

    Odat - I know even I couldn't believe it when I saw her, I think she was looking for the Colosseum, poor thing as its the name of an Opera House here (The Coliseum) and she might be a little disappointed...

  4. You know...I've actually never been on either a public bus and or train.

    Not sure how it worked out like that, especially since I lived in the middle of a major city while going to college.

    Guess I just didn't get out enough? ;)


  5. Haha! I've been reading about the funny things that can happen on the Tube...fart clouds and smelly armpits among them. Also, maybe that poor woman was wondering why nobody in "Rome" was talking in Italian.

  6. I love that song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I can play it on the keyboard, but only the special keyboard my family has that lights up which keys you are supposed to hit next. haha ;o)

  7. Yes, I've been there and done that...

    Sigh, this would be such a great world if it weren't for the people ruining it for the beautiful people like us.


  8. I'm confused, where's the next stop? Great post.


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