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Knight to B4

Chess Players are to be tested for drugs. No I'm not making it up but if they find a drug that gives you an edge on the chess board I want to know what it is.

I mean will caffeine be contraband in this area cause it lets you stay up playing for longer? I can see them banning the RedBull already and barring the 12year old genius from Starbucks,
"No Timmy it gives you an unfair advantage, don't drink it!".

I mean if the person is smoking Weed and manages to win the match I think they should give him double points, its only fair. If he wins after taking LCD he should be declared world champion.

I'm actually a pretty good chess player, yes I was the geek with the chess board and a deck of cards that people laughed at but I didn't care then and I don't now. I Love the game because it gets me thinking but I really don't consider it a sport so why are they testing for drugs? Perhaps its the idea of "altering" your mind, but how can they object to someo…

fingers iced to keyboard

The heating in my office has been broken since Monday, half of the people here are insane and thus they haven't noticed the ice forming on the inside (OK no ice yet but if feels like it). I, on the other hand, am thankful for my little heater. As my fingers are freezing and stiff I'm going to use humour to describe how I feel.

Voyage to the bottom of the Sea

When I was a kid I remember watch a cartoon called Sealab 2020, According to my mum I'd get up forSpider-man and his Amazing friends, eat breakfast and lightning speed and be back in front of the TV for Sealab. In all honesty if I watched it now it would probably be awful.

So when SeaQuestDSVhit the air I was enthralled it was like Star Trek but underwater! They had a dolphin that could talk (Darwin) and a kid genius (which is mandatory). Plus the guy from Jaws, what more could anyone ask for.

E and I have been re-watching all the episodes and I begin to see that Lucas was a far more believable teenage then Wesley Crusher, but that's just the geek in me coming out. OK so the visual effect haven't really withstood the test of time and Season 3 isn't fantastic but it got me dreaming. I mean the Ocean is incredible and so vast, we are still discovering so much more about it everyday like this bizarre new creature found in New Zealand. Who knows what else is out there beneat…

Pan's Labyrinth

Movies have been rather slow this year, Don't get me wrong I was expecting so much more, but both X-men 3 and Superman Returns managed to disappoint even the most die hard comic fan in me and the Bond, though good I still wouldn't buy on DVD. That's really the benchmark isn't it, would you buy it? Though there were two exceptions, Good Night and Good Luck and Brick. Thanks goodness it seems to be picking up towards Christmas with The Prestige and a few other more interesting choices, but if you only have time for one movie for the rest of this year go and see Pan's Labyrinth.

I had my reservations about the film as its written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, the guy who did HellBoy (which was OK I guess but only if your a sci-fi fan like myself) So I wasn't holding my breath for the movie to be particularly good. About 10 mins in, all my preconceptions are gone. Its 1944 in post civil war Spain, we follow a little girl named Ofelia as she moves to a country …

White Shores and Beyond

I was watching Planet Earth the other night, a series which I think is fantastic. The episode was all about the Great Plains and the mass migrations the animals take to get to/from them. This of course got me thinking about early humans.

We (humanity) used to live in Nomadic tribes (some people still do), until we started settling down in fertile areas and slowly turned from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agricultural one, leading to the earliest permanent settlements and eventually villages, towns etc the whole civilisation stuff. I could spend hours recounting how civilisation got started and even longer yapping about ancient history but better scholars have already handled that.

There we were for thousands of years going from place to place, following the seasons and the animals, living rather peacefully with the earth. So I ask, is this lifestyle totally gone from the people living in industrialised countries? Are we now so different?

The urge to move on to new places, travel the …

Where is the "any" key?

To those of you who are American Happy Thanks Giving :-)

Yesterday, was so boring, hence my long rant about history but this made me giggle. I got a call from someone over in Marketing. I don't really have to deal with marketing very often, every now and again I send them copies of the Quark files of our book covers (I work in publishing in case your wondering). So I'm a little surprised but it could be anything.

"Hi Falcon its me, I'm just having some trouble opening the files I asked you to send me"

"Hi, what seems to be the problem"

"They just won't open"

"Do you mean the Quark files or the images?"

"The quark files"

"Ok, are you looking at the folder the files are in?"


"Can you open up the folder in window explorer"

"um hold on....Where is windows explorer?"

After directing him (the marketing manager) to windows explorer and the correct folder

"do the files have their exte…

Truth anyone?

I was reading this article this morning, about a teachers interesting new approach to teaching history.

Some people may agree or disagree about whether or not children should be told the 'truth' about certain historical events. At the end of the day truth is subjective just like history. The problem with history is that the past is told by those who win.

When I was a kid we were taught that the failed invasion of Spanish Armada in 1588 was a huge victory for Britain. When I studied it again years and year later, everything wasn't so cut and dry. Both the English and Spanish text books have very different accounts, so who was right?

I had a very fair teacher in the sense that she didn't like to sugar coat history and did her best to challenge us to see beyond the lies and bias with which history is told and retold. The point she made to us was don't take the interpretation and commentary as Gospel, just look at the evidence and draw your own conclusion even if it contr…

Some lite entertainment

Normally Tuesdays are long boring days, the weekend is too far away and your still recovering from Monday. Today my colleague got an e-mail from someone she'd never met.

After a few lines into reading I heard her announce "Oh No the poor thing". A girl had sent her a message, a rather personal message and seemed to be asking her out (we assume), except it wasn't meant for her it was meant for a guy with the same first name.

Alas I can't remember the whole thing but the words "I don't know you very well" and "I'm not a monster, I'm just shy" were used. My colleague replied with a simple "I don't think this was meant for me" and left it at that cos nothing she could say would make it any less embarrassing. The point, check and double check before you e-mail someone you don't know. In the mean while I have cartoons...

***News of the Day***
- Chicago so safe the police have decided to save the environment
- If you've j…

Things to do...get paper

I hate November in fact it's a contest between November and February for which month is the most depressing. December has x-mas which to me is fantastic as we get a week off and January usually whizzes by quick enough but November and February drag. Over in the States your lucky as Thanks Giving holds off the Christmas insanity and makes November less awful.

My husband hates x-mas but I was thinking about how depressing winter would without it. In the UK its freezing from November to early March if we didn't have x-mas to break it up, the long darkness would seem endless. It's almost like they planned it as a distraction technique, cos unlike popular belief suicides actually decrease in winter. We could go down the route to say Christmas just replaced the Winter Solstices festival which apparently served the same function etc but lets not get caught up in the details. Whatever the background and history, I might not be Christian but I like Christmas. I know its not fashiona…


One of the best things about not having to come to work is silence when eating. Especially when your treating yourself to something naughty like doughnuts or heavens forbid bread.

When I was fasting I don't think I went a single day without someone saying 'How can you not eat, don't you feel hungry?' I had to refrain from replying with sarcasm.

I had one boss (who thought he was a nutritionist) who told me to stop eating so much bread (I had a tuna sandwhich), whilst he was holding a McDonald's bag and milkshake.

If your in a canteen or cafe etc your normally safe, people enquire as to what your ordering and if it's nice, which are perfectly fine questions. It's when your heating something up/preparing to eat at work, that the real twits come out. People you've never met before feel the need to advise you...

'I wouldn't eat that'
'That's a rather large portion'
'You should eat a proper meal' (often said when I'm eating cake…

Sleep perchance to dream...

I haven't been sleeping well. Between the ages of 14 and 20 I was an insomniac, I used to spend the nights reading books, watching an obscene amount of trashy movies and working. I don't know how or why it changed but suddenly I could sleep at night. So you'd think that if I missed some sleep or if I had a restless night it would be old hat.

Alas no, every night this week I wake up three or four times a night fully awake and when I do sleep I have very bizarre dreams. This makes the morning rather strange as I'm trying to figure out if I'm still asleep. I feel like the crew of the Enterprise (Star Trek Next Generation in Season 4 Episode 17, Night Terrors) when lack of R.E.M sleep drove them crazy, except I'm getting the sleep and I'm already crazy. Anyway I found it really interesting to read that Bears also suffer if they don't hibernate in time.

What I hate about the whole thing is that we all need sleep to function but there are no allowances if your …

Animals running the Asylum

I'm still humming Somewhere over the Rainbow and thus am in a pretty good mood despite it being Wednesday and me being late for work this morning. When I'm running late I take the tube rather then the bus, this isn't always the best idea. I find that Tube turns me into an angry person, I get edgy if the train isn't there within 3mins (Though I'll wait 10mins for a bus) and start to get annoyed with all my fellow commuter for their bizarre ways.

For example why o why must the person sitting next to you reading the broadsheet newspaper insist on elbowing you every time they turn the page? (Lets ignore that they are tyring to read something the size of a small child). Why do the people who are standing insist on stepping on your toes even when there is tonnes of room in the carriage and Why is that woman reading a guide to Rome and looking out the window for landmarks? But then their are the one that make me giggle in an evil I shouldn't laugh sort of way, like the…

Over the Rainbow

I was talking to E last night about Israel Kamakawiwo'ole cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow/Wonderful world, how brilliant it is and of course the Scrubs, Wizard of Oz episode came up (Season 5 episode 7). So for your viewing pleasure... and to make Tuesday better I give you Ted and the others...


Having practically no knowledge about world history after 1903 imagine my shock when I read this article this morning. Believe it or not Pirates are still roaming the high seas but are not as rare as once thought and their numbers are growing. Perhaps everyone else is familiar with this but I wasn't!

When I think of Pirates, I'm back in the 18th century looking at beautiful wooden galleons, A Jolly Rodger riding the mast and canons facing out towards the sea. The plan, to steal all the gold you can. Not to mention famous Privateers like Sir Francis Drake (a replica of his ship the Golden Hind is docked on London south bank and I love it).

I mean what do Pirates of the modern age steal, credit cards...I'm at a loss to understand and then what do you do once you get back to land and have to fill in a million forms for a loan or a library card and what do you put on your C.V (Resume)... Hobbies and Interests: Swimming, sewing, grand thief of the Maritime persuasion...

Do they b…

In rain or shine

My Father's best Friend (H Uncle) lives up in Scotland, the two of them have been friends since they were roommates in University over 40 years ago. I think its amazing that after 40 year they are just as close now as they were then, even if everything in their lives has changed. Its not just the two of them, both our families are close as you can be even if we can only see each other once or twice a year. Unfortunately a few years ago H Uncle started to suffer from Dementia and there is nothing anyone can do. The few times I've seen him since his illness were heartbreaking, especially cos of the effect its having on his family, to my dad it is like losing a brother all over again.

My best friend K and I have known each other for almost 8 years now, 5 of which we lived together as college roommates and then flat mates. In June she moved back home and even though I see her as often as we can, I still miss her. The girl is completely insane and makes no sense half the time (she&#…

Book - Tagged

It was their years I supped upon to feed my own, and their blood I used to quench the sword. I still thought of humans as I thought of other animals then, and felt nothing for their tears and cries. I did not realise that as I bound the power of river, swifts and Stone into the metal, I also filled the sword with sorrow and the despair of death. They called the sword Excalibur and it seemed everything they had asked for.

From Across the Wall by Garth Nix.

It was published over here on Monday and I've been dying to read it. Those of you who haven't read the Abhorsen Trilogy have no idea what your missing, go out and get Sabriel, you won't regret it.

Why am I doing this instead of writing my own material, blame Parlancheq

The instructions were:
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next 4 sentences and these instructions.
5. Tag 5 other unsuspecting bloggers.

I'm re-reading my King Arthur Books as well, after watching The M…

In praise of Water

I think water is incredible for about a billions reasons. We have life timing in the the oceans, vegetation brought forth but simple rain and a zillion other things. Some of these is easier to see then others.

The Grand Canyon was made by a great river which cut into the earth and thousands of years later we can see the result.

A team of archaeologists recently found the biggest cave in Britain (see here). I think cave systems are fascinating and at times regret sticking with academic history rather then going into archeology. The most incredible cave system I've ever seen in real life was in a Spanish town called Nerja (Nerja Caves).

I don't think pictures can really do places like this justice, to think something so simple as water has given the world so much. I don't mean just caves, you couldn't have life on earth without water (including us). Water shapes our world and defines it.

On the Cave note, another amazing cave system, this time thanks to gypsum and lemon-yell…

Lite relife

I did far too much thinking yesterday. So I turn to Dilbert for some comic relife...

Cellular Memory

I was reading this article
today on Cellular memory. The theory is that the cells in the body can
retain parts of your personality and this can be passed through organ
donation. The question I have, is how far it this biological or

The Scientific community have found no real evidence and put this phenomena down to nothing more then coincidence and psychological influences.

But it does beg a lot of question, are we just genetic material that can be
passed on or are we something more. I mean what really makes you who
you are, is it physical orincorporeal?

Does the idea of cellular memory discount the idea of a soul?

I don't have any answers, personally i find it bizarre but it does make me think...

Holy yellow metal batman, they've read the Bible

Friday's here! I would run around singing about it, but I'm sure your all blissfully aware the joyous day is here. Unfortunately its winter so the sun will set at 4:30pm and the world will descend in a icy cold darkness.

A strange thing happens to me in winter, I become a Weetabix hog. There is nothing in the universe that compares to a nice warm bowl of Weetabix in the morning, with just the correct about of sugar melted in when you've come in from the cold. This might sound normal but I get very very cranky if I don't have my morning fix. Last winter I left a box here at work (cos I get in at 7:30 I have breakfast at work) with my name on it in HUGE black script.

Every morning at 8:30 off I'd go to make my cereal and cheer me up, as our office is far too cold. Until one day in I went, starving and dying for a meal, got my bowl and the right spoon, picked up my box of Weetabix from the cereal shelf and went to fill my bowl but the box was empty.

My freshly bought box…

Work mates

I've blog a few times about how work can be 1.Painful and 2. Boring the result is complete insanity as a means of coping.

Sometimes I feel that Dilbert understands me best.


We (people in my office and I) got in to a discussion about advertising. Which TV ads were memorable or just really cool and which ones really bugged us. At the moment the Frosties kid singing "Its Going to be Great" is topping the list of adverts which must be destroyed, while the ad with the millions of bouncy balls coming down a San Francisco street (still don't remember what it was for) is winning in the ideas department. All in all I HATE adverts they but me but they serve their purpose, we’ve all watched some ad at sometime and gone 'ohhh I really should get/try that'.
There is but one exception to this rule, the only adverts I'm willing to forgive for sheer genius are… the Jerry Seinfeld conversations with Superman. I think they were for a credit card I forget which one but you can down load them here.
If you haven't seen them before take a few minuets sit back and enjoy, these aren't adverts they just brilliant entertainment.

Oh Yes Wyoming!