The wheels on the Bus go...

People annoy me at the best of times. Luckily I'm still mildly sane. Recently my husband E injured his foot, for a few days he couldn't even walk. Thankfully he hadn't broken anything but he is still limping and walking with a crutch. As neither of us drive, you only drive in central London if your are A. Insane B. Rich enough to pay the Charge and Insane. We both get the bus to work (E cycles in good weather). Even though the old route masters are gone, buses in London are excellent, they are frequent and not too pricey what more could you ask for? Well try a little human kindness.

I have a rules on the bus and tube, if an elderly person, a pregnant woman or injured person, gets on a packed bus I offer them my seat. Cos that is the right thing to do, its one of those unwritten codes of human decency. Like if you see someone get hit by a car, you call an ambulance.

What I hate are the bastards who are only going two stops but would rather die then give up their seat. They stare at the floor and pretend not to notice the guy who can barely stand as he is falling over. It really really drives me crazy, worse then them are the bag on seat people. If the bus is empty it fine but when your all packed in like sardines and someone thinks their handbag deserves a seat more then the other humans my blood boils. But the absolute nightmare are the outside seat hogs. You know the ones, they sit on the outside side while the window seat is empty, as the bus filled up do the move, of course not, they even have the gall to be annoyed should anyone ask to sit down.

I realise this pet peeve might just be me being uptight and I have to admit their are a lot of nice people out there who did kindly offer E a seat but there were enough selfish gits to really get on my nerves. I was inches away from turning green and shouting "Hulk Smash!" whilst throwing these people off the moving vehicle. Its lucky I haven't had my gamma radiation today.


  1. This morning an old lady yelled at me because I didn't get up for her. There was loads of empty seats. She just wanted the one I was in. Grrrrr......

  2. Somehow I always get stuck next to the smelly guy. The world hates me.

  3. You are right in your comments, I completely agree but being the hypocrite I am, I also commit 1 or 2 of those crimes


  4. It really is disturbing when you realize how inconsiderate some people are these days. I notice a lot of rude behavior on airplanes and while driving as well.

  5. I so agree!!! The same happens here on the subway!!!I did a survey just yesterday coming home.
    On the subway car i was on..there were all men sitting and all women standing! Not that I needed to sit but there were a few "older" ladies who could have used a seat!!
    As I scanned the car...i gave everyone of em the "evil eye"
    (hope your hub gets better real soon!)

  6. That is the reason I am so antisocial. I have zero tolerance for inconsiderate people. Maybe you should get some wolverine claws and a mask.

    Reinvent the X men London style.

  7. In Detroit there's always an empty seat on the bus, and the buses never run on schedule.

  8. Ugh. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to nowadays.

  9. big problem in chicago also. I get up for people, but hope someone else does it first. I'll give it a good 10 seconds because I think other people deserve to sit less than i do. Never claimed to be perfect. Also, women in uncomfortable looking heels should also get to sit down. Totally not as important as pregnancy or oldness but important all the same.

  10. Uh-oh, I have been guilty at times of being a seat hog! I just hate to be stuck in the inside seat. Hopefully I semi-redeem myself by always offering up my seat to pregnant, elderly or injured folks. ;)


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