Today in 1985 Orson Welles died, famous for terrifying the radio listening public in 1938 with his broadcast of War of the Worlds. In honour of Orson, let us not forget this great actor and his contribution the universe of Transformers (Orson Welles Voiced Unicron in The Transformers Movie).

My husband's friends in university used to get 80's nostalgia every now and again and end up debating who the perfect cast would be for a new Transformers Movie, under the assumption you could have anyone and it would never actually be made. Then we heard a rumour a few years ago that they are making a new, live action version. We all hoped it was coming after all the car adverts featuring dancing and ice skating Transformers, it was only a matter of time. Those of us who were kids in the 80's know just how cool having a car that turned in to a person (well almost) was. Watching the epic battle week after week between good and evil! Captive viewing, better then any kids TV cartoon since.

The new movie is currently filming with one really bad thing-Michael Bay as the director. Lets hope he doesn't manage to destroy it but I have to admit the site looks cool...

I tried to buy a decent Optimus Prime toy the other week and oh my they are pricey these days, what happened to toys being affordable?


  1. Transformers rocks. Especially in the original movie with the song The Touch by Stan Bush. Best power metal song ever!!!!!

  2. I am secretly excited for the movie to come out. Shhhhh.

  3. My oldest son had transformers. I could never get too into them. I think I was just too old to figure out how to transform them. :)

  4. I pissed my britches when I first ehard that they were making this movie...then Michael Bay's name was mentioned...and I shit my britches.

    It's gonna suck.

    It's can't NOT suck.


  5. My brother had Optimus Prime...probably still does in an attic somewhere. Ahhhh the memories.

  6. I own the original movie and soundtrack; it is still one of my favorite movies.


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