Things to Cheer you up...

It is Monday again. I hate mondays, so today I've tried to find a few things that will make today a little less awful for us all.

As Pictures are worth a thousand words and i'm not in the mood for talking i leave you with this...

First up is this site 20 Minutes to Less Stress

Second - According to the Sunday Times your dog can now partake in you wedding as the best man or best dog, Though none of your friends may come to your wedding should you choose this option.

Third - Dilbert has a blog!!!. you can still get all the comic strips here.


  1. He got the best public school education that money could by. I mean, bye.

  2. Get a brain, morans-sign-holding man. :)

  3. I hate Mondays too...I should be working here, but I just clicked on the 20 Minutes to Less Stress....LMAO at the first pic!!!
    Thanks for sharing that!!

    I'm putting your link on my blog btw


  4. Mondays suck balls.

    And balls are sweaty and salty.

    I hate Mondays. ;)


  5. my boyfriend's family are the Moran's


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