Stuffed - but giggling

It was Eid on Monday, which means after a month of fasting my whole family get to stuff everyone they know with the most delicious food. Or in my case you gain back all the weight you spent a month getting rid of but do you stop eating....hell no its far too yummy.

So now I'm back at work hoping the rest of this week flies by and I can go over to my folk for left overs. But until I get that next feast I have to relate a tale ...

On Saturday my husband (E) and I trekked down to Brighton to see my sister-in-law (A). We were also meeting my father-in-law (this is never a good thing, but Note the guy has been married twice and has grown up two daughters this will be relevant later). He decided he's going to 'sort out' his daughter with everything she needs for her new year at uni so off we go the ASDA the massive super market where you can get everything from knickers to compost. After a few mins the trolley is looking very full and the guy decides he is bored, its time to pay.

Thus he begins to grab any old thing and ask if she needs it, in order to speed up the process.

As we walk down the cosmetics aisle the finish line is getting closer and closer the only problem is he's still grabbing stuff.
(At this point if you will all things must go slow motion).

He stops inches from the till, looks at the sanitary towels and starts to feel them (E is praying he doesn't ask if she wants them, as a girl I HATE mentioning my period in ther presence of any male especially my father its just wrong, A feels the same)...We all try and avoid looking at him.

I turn just in time to see him pick them up and utter the words ...'Do you want some Soap?'

I double take...

The three of us go silent while he stands there holding the Always Ultra...Letting it sink in. While he stands there thinking he is holding soap.

We last 5 seconds before bursting into uncontrollable laughter. My sister-in-law has gone pink trying not to laugh but she can't hold it in. E eventually manages to get out the words 'it's not soap!'. A can't even look, I'm hiding behind E barley able to stand I'm laughing so hard.

Guy looks confused and has a closer look at the packet 'How was I meant to know what they look like?'


  1. Eid Mubarek! (that might not be right, but I'm so happy I remembered it that I'm going to leave it anyway!) Still giggling about your clueless father in law.

  2. It was the funniest thing I've seen for a long time!

  3. Hilarious! Once my kids picked up a box of tampons at the grocery store and insisted I should buy it cuz it would make us "Feel Fresh!" That's when I fully relaized that they watch way too much television!

  4. HAHAHA!!

    That's all Ive really got...



  5. Good times on that one. I have to say though, I'll talk about sanitary products with some guys. I'll send tony to the store for some in a heartbeat. Not my dad though, that's just too strange.

  6. Whoa! Can't a guy make an honest mistake these days? Then again, I could tell you about my mother-in-law.

  7. LMAO...Thanks for the laugh...that was just too funny!!!

    P,S, Did you get the leftovers???

  8. Michelle - Yup you got it right! Thank you :-)

    Lee - I've always been dying to find out what the blue liquid is, it must make kids thing we have blue blood!

    Natalie - I agree, partners are fine but dads, its just wrong.

    JR - cos he can, but this guy really should have known

    Odat - I did get some leftovers and am still eating them!

  9. Too funny.

    Also from now on I am using the word trolley to refer to what in the US is called a shopping cart. I think trolley sounds much classier. ;)


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