New Police Story

My sister and I have been watching Martial Arts films ever since my mum took us to see Karate Kid in the Cinema (its the first movie I ever saw on the big screen). My sister is now a Choi Kwan Do, Black belt and instructor (among other things, I still think I can take her but that's just sibling rivalry). So of course we saw all the of original Police Story movies when we were kids, the dubbing was a joy on its own. I have to admit Michelle Yeoh was like goddess to us (and we thought Cynthia Rothrock was so cool).

So of course the first chance we got me and E legged it down to the cinema to see New Police Story. It actually came out 2 years ago but you don't often get to see Hong Kong Action flicks in the cinema here. We also had the endorsement of my best friend and avid Daniel Wu fan. We were not disappointed, even though Jackie Chan is obviously trying to be more serious (sometimes with laughable results) the action is fantastic and story actually make sense, the baddies are rather inventive and its funny was well. What more could you ask for? They even have a fight scene in a Lego store!


  1. I could not help myself, had to watch it again last night.

    Huge fan of most of the cast except Jackie Chan (though he is not bothering me as much nowadays) and Charlie Yeung

  2. Fight scene in a Lego store? I find this highly unlikely. I mean, have you ever stepped on a Lego? That alone would kill a fight.

  3. There's a NEW Police Story?

    Shit...I'm gonna haev to check this out.

    How is that I've never heard of this?


  4. Wait...are you telling me that "Karate Kid" is considered a martial arts film? Cuz as a wannabe ninja, I might be offended. ;)

  5. I used to love watching the Karate Kid! Wax on, wax off! hehe haven't seen Police Story but I may just have to check it out!

  6. "story actually make sense"

    What does it say about the state of movies today that we comment on it when a movie makes sense? I love those movies, they make me want to go around kiking everyone I don't like.


  7. all i have to say is master of the flying guillotine

  8. Sounds great, I've got to see it. The Lego fight sounds like something they would have attempted in one of Roger Moore's last stints as Bond, not that I'd disapprove, mind you ;-)


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